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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

Journey Into Smoke

Quest Information
Location:Terra 2 - Roseway - Near the Covert Lab
How to Start:Talk to Lillian

Warning!: You should do this quest before entering the Covert Lab, as your decisions during The Doom that Came to Roseway can cause Lillian to turn hostile.

Start this quest by talking to Lillian near the Covert Lab.Sneak past some mines near the raptidon nestand rearm the fence to the raptidon pen.

From the town of Roseway, follow the road south past the Auntie-Biotics Lab, avoiding groups of marauders and raptidons as you go. Near the southeastern end of the map you’ll reach a fork which is heavily populated by marauders. Take the southern branch in the road to reach an entrance to the Covert Lab, near which Lillian stands guard. Talk to her and pass a [Persuade 45] check if she finds your actions too intolerably Board-friendly and she’ll ultimately ask you to find her cigarette lighter, which she misplaced during all the chaos.

Backtrack up the road to the north to return to the fork, then head down the eastern branch towards the front entrance of the Covert Lab… which is comically lacking subtlety with its "Secret Lab" sign above the door. As you approach this entrance to the lab, keep your eye to the left (east) until you spot a dirt road running downhill. Follow it to reach another group of marauders guarding some crates and dispatch them, then turn south and head uphill into some rocky highlands. Eventually you’ll find a building to your left (east), the door to which is locked [Lockpick 25]. If you can get inside you’ll find a fair amount of loot, a workbench, a vending machine and a terminal that lists the names of some prominent characters in the quest The Doom that Came to Roseway, for what that’s worth.

Kill the raptidons from on highthen search the pen to find the cigarette case.

More worrying is the nearby raptidon pen, which ironically was not secure enough in case of an outlaw attack, as events have shown. A short, mine-covered road are all that separate you from a pack of these beasts, and sadly their pen is exactly where Lillian’s lighter is. Sneak past the mines (detonating them will likely lure the raptidons out, although the northern-most one can probably be safely destroyed) and work your way up the road to the raptidon pen. Sneak up a ramp and when presented with a branch in the walkway, turn left (south) to wind up at a terminal. Interact with it and pick the option [Arm Electric Fence] to trap the raptidons in their pen.

Thus confined, it should be much easier to pick the raptidons off from your lofty perch. They can still spit, of course, but you completely control the engagement now, and can either duck behind cover (metal plates adorning the railing should suffice) or just disengage as the situation demands. Not entirely risk-free, but far less harrowing than allowing them to try to bite you. When they’re all dead, climb down a ladder and search the pen to find a Commemorative Cigarette Case on some crates, then return to Lilliana.

You'll have many options when it comes to resolving this questbut only giving the cigarette case back sans dialogue options will get you the Anarchist's Cookbook weapon.

You can opt to give her the cigarette case back, after which you can pass a [Persuade 30] to try to get her to "put in a good word with her boss" or an [Intimidate 45] check to bully her over the case. A bit… odd, but there you go. If you just tell her you’re keeping the case, however, she’ll attack, to the Intimidate check is just a way to throw your weight around without having to kill Lillian. You can also [Lie 30] to tell her you couldn’t get the case, and any of these options will complete the quest and earn you some XP. If you keep the case, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do with it - it remains in your quest items tab, so you can’t sell it, nor does it become decorative when you return to the Unreliable. Any option other than just giving the case back will void further reward, even the Persuade check, but if you just give the case back you’ll also get 625 Bits and the unique Anarchist’s Cookbook weapon, which is a grenade launcher modified with a Mag-2-Power mod to deal plasma damage.

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