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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

By His Bootstraps

Quest Information
Location:Terra 2 - Roseway
How to Start:Talk to Anton Crane

Anton Crane will, in passing, ask you to rescue his protege Jameson.Follow the road from Roseway south to find the Auntie-Biotics Lab.

During the quest Passage to Anywhere, talk to Gladys on Groundbreaker to start the quest The Distress Signal, which will allow you to access the Rosewater location on Terra 2. Land there, then make your way to the town of Rosewater and talk to Anton Crane to start this quest. In addition to all the other troubles at Roseway, Anton’s protege, Jameson, was left behind in the old Biotics Lab, and wants you to rescue him.

Warning!: If you mess around with other quests before going to rescue Jameson, he may be dead when you arrive, which, obviously, will get you an inferior reward. That being the case you should see to this quest before other quests in Roseway.

Exit Roseway via its southern gate and follow the road south, being wary of raptidons as you go. Shortly you should find the Auntie-Biotics Lab 0013 building as the road bends. Get it? Auntie-biotics? Good stuff. Anyways, scout around the building and pick off two automechanicals wandering about, and heed their presence as a warning of what you can expect in side and prepare accordingly.

Put down a pack of raptidonsthen ambush some automechanicals if they get too curious.

Note there are two entrances to this building, one on the northern end of the building, and an elevated southern entrance. The person you’re looking for - Jameson - is on the upper floor, so going in the back entrance will bypass the automechanicals on the ground floor. Enter via the elevated southern entrance and from there head down a hallway to the north to find a room occupied by raptidons. These beasts should be relatively easy to take down, the only concern are the automechanicals from the floor below getting too inquisitive. Best case scenario you can restrain your companions and hide in the room where you defeated the raptidons and wait for the automechanicals to lose interest. Worst case scenario, fight them as they come down the hallway.

Note: If you enter via the front (southern) door you can still bypass most of the automechanicals, but you’ll need to open a locked door [Lockpick 45] or hack a terminal [Hack 21] to open said door remotely. Once through the door, enter a hallway, take a right (west), go up two flights of stairs and turn left (north) and enter the room at the end of the hallway.

Jameson isn't as thankful as you might expect, but at least you'll find him in time.While there's not much of note to loot in the lab you can find some Medical Journals to decorate the Unreliable with.

When you’re done securing and looting the room, unlock a door [Lockpick 30] in the northeastern corner, beyond which you’ll find Jameson hiding. He’s surprisingly testy about your rescue mission, whining about breaches of corporate protocol and Anton patronizing him by sending us to save Jameson.

Once Jameson has been sent on his way, finish off the automechanicals downstairs and loot around the building if you want - there’s plenty of loot, although not much of any note. You can, however, find some Medical Journals on a table in the large, automechanical-infested room downstairs. They’ll serve as fine decoration on the Unreliable.

When you’re done in here, return to Anton and tell him about your exploits to complete the quest. It’s probably the least complicated (and consequential) quest in Roseway, so enjoy the XP, Bits and reputation you’ll earn.

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