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The Outer Worlds

Die, Robot

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Terra 2 - Emerald Vale - Edgewater
How to Start: Talk to Ludwig Miller

You can find Ludwig Miller strolling about the Edgewater landing pad, which is just southeast of the city. Talk to him and he’ll babble about some automechanical conspiracy and ask you dispatch a “scout” which is prowling around the outskirts of town, just north of the landing pad.

(1 of 2) If your Engineering skill score is high enough, or if you have Parvati with you, you can repair the damaged sentry.

If your Engineering skill score is high enough, or if you have Parvati with you, you can repair the damaged sentry. (left), Or just destroy it, if you must. (right)

Dealing with the Scout

Follow the wall around Edgewater to find a junkyard along the northeastern… edge, of Edgewater. Here you’ll find a Damaged Mechanical Sentry pacing about, and if you question it to learn what it’s doing, you’ll find that its navigation systems are damaged and while seeking out a designated repair bay it ended up here. Either this was once the designated repair bay, now just a junk yard, or… well, its navigation systems failed it. Either way, you can repair it if you pass a [Engineering 54], if you have Parvati with you you can get her to do it for you, or you can just destroy it. Ludwig doesn’t have to know the difference, and if you fix the poor thing it may prove helpful to you later…

(1 of 2) Ludwig will tell you about a secret weapon he hid behind a lavatory.

Ludwig will tell you about a secret weapon he hid behind a lavatory. (left), Return to the cantina and fish this weapon out from its… less than ideal hiding place. (right)

Ludwig’s Secret Weapon

Either way, return to Ludwig and he’ll reward you before setting you upon another task. You’ve dealt with one robot, but they are legion (in his mind, at least), and to aid you in your crusade he left a weapon for you behind one of the toilets in the cantina.

Return to the cantina in Edgewater and enter the door to the left to reach a hallway. Go through the first door in this hallway (to the right) and you’ll find the bathroom. Search behind the toilet along the southern wall to find a Sealed Bundle, then return to Ludwig and he’ll give you a Mag-2-Zap, which is useful considering the next task he has in mind for you.

(1 of 3) After acquiring his “secret weapon”, Ludwig will ask you to find a logic module for him.

Acquiring a Logic Module

Now it’s time for you to take the fight to the automechanicals, and Ludwig seeks nothing less than for you to storm their very base itself - the Geothermal Power Plant. Once there you’ll need to find an intact unit and recover its logic module, although what Ludwig plans to do with it is dubious… and a [Perception] check will reveal this further. Unfortunately, Ludwig can’t actually grant you access to said Geothermal Power Plant - for that you’ll need to talk to Reed Tobson as part of the quest Stranger in a Strange Land. Furthermore, you’ll enter the Geothermal Power Plant as part of the main quest Comes Now the Power, so if you haven’t already, progress the main questline until you’re ready to enter the Geothermal Power Plant, otherwise you may complicate said main quest (for example, by entering the Geothermal Power Plant before talking to Adelaide over at the Botanical Lab).

Make your way to the Geothermal Power Plant, which can be found to the northwest of Edgewater. Once inside you’ll want to make your way down some stairs where you’ll find two doors to the left (west). Beyond the northern door you’ll find the Geothermal Security Office (its terminal will allow you to open the door deeper into the plant, if you’ve obtained the passcode from Reed Tobson) but the southern one [Lockpick 45] contains the Corrupted Logic Module you’re after. If you can’t pick the lock you can find a room with a Automechanical Control Terminal, east of which you’ll find the body of the Security Chief, on which you’ll find the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard, which will open the door.

Once you have the Corrupted Logic Module return to Ludwig to finally complete this quest, earning some Bits, some Spacer’s Choice reputation and the unique weapon Shock-Stick.

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