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The Outer Worlds

The Empty Man

Nathan Garvin
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Location: The Unreliable
How to Start: Talk to Vicar Max

After you complete the quest Comes Now the Power by acquiring a power regulator, install it in the Unreliable and head into orbit. Once done, find Vicar Max (he’ll probably be in his quarters, to start) and talk to him about the book you found and he’ll eventually tell you that he’s keen on tracking down a colleague of his, and to do that he’ll need to access a data cartridge from a security terminal on Groundbreaker, specifically so he can acquire a registry of crew manifests for arrivals and departures from the station.

(1 of 3) Talk to Vicar Max on board the Unreliable to start this quest.

The Crew Manifest

This quest’s phase on Groundbreaker is short and simple, just grab a Mardet ID Cartridge from the crates along the western side of the docks, then head north through the security checkpoint manned by Cpl. Leonard Wheeler. In the security area between the docks and the Promenade, turn west to find Groundbreaker’s security station. Head inside and turn south to find a doorway leading to a restricted access area. With the Mardet ID Cartridge you should be able to just walk in, turn right (west) through a doorway, then veer left (south) down a hallway to find a locked door [Lockpick 35]. Pick the lock and interface with the terminal in the room beyond and pick the [Eject Docking Records Data Cartridge] option. And just like that you’re done with this quest’s bit on Groundbreaker.

(1 of 2) Find Chaney in Fallbrook to get some information for Max

Find Chaney in Fallbrook to get some information for Max (left), then travel to Scylla. (right)

Seeking Chaney in Fallbrook

When you arrive at Stellar Bay (either by landing there directly, or by hoofing it on foot via the Cascadia Landing Pad) you’ll need to exit out of the southeastern gate and follow the road south to reach Fallbrook. Once in Fallbrook, follow the road through town and enter the fourth house to the right, where you’ll find a datapad in a fridge. This confirms that the man Max is looking for is here, and more importantly, is panning down along the river. This is an unnecessary step, but it can’t hurt to be pointed in the right direction.

Follow the road through Fallbrook, and when it ends turn northeast to find a river. Follow said river northwest and you’ll find Reginald Chaney on the southern bank of the river. Talk to him and, assuming you have Max with you, the two will chat. Not exactly friendly-like, either. Seems like Max has been lying to you, and has taken this opportunity to get revenge on Chaney, who sent him after that book in Emerald Vale. Hard to blame him. French?! Ugh. Proceed however you will and Chaney will reveal that a “weird hermit lady’ on Scylla might be able to translate the book for Max. After you get this information, you can put Chaney out of Max’s misery (this will earn you a tiny bit of negative Reputation with SubLight) or just leave Chaney be. You gain nothing from killing Chaney save appeasing Max’s lust for retribution.

After you deal with Chaney, return to the Unreliable and talk to Max, who will apologize for lying to you and, if you spared Chaney, thank you for restraining his violent impulses. You can also ask him about his prison stint, for what that’s worth.

When that’s deal with, set sail for Scylla.

(1 of 3) Talk to the Hermit on Scylla

Max’s Epiphany

Only one landing pad here (well, on your first visit… assuming you didn’t talk to Felix and start Friendship’s Due already), so you don’t need to worry about nuance (except for the aforementioned nuance). Anywho, exit the Unreliable on Scylla and head south to find an elevator. Ride down and continue south to find a road, which you can follow northeast to reach some building on a hill. The remains of a small, mostly abandoned outpost, apparently.

You’ll likely encounter outlaws and/or primals along the way, but if you’re coming here after visiting Monarch, they should be significantly weaker than you. The average level on Scylla is around the early teens - roughly on par with Roseway. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, however, as the automechanicals that protect the town are made of stiffer stuff - literally and metaphorically! They’re around level twenty, so prepare accordingly.

When the way is clear, continue following the road uphill to the northeast until it ends (and flattens out) at a concrete platform. At this point turn east and move around some pallets to find the house where this “weird hermit lady” lives. Transition to the Hermit’s Lodge and talk to the Hermit within and she’ll insist that Max doesn’t have the patience required to gain the insight that can be found within his book… but fortunately for everybody this process can be sped up with some good old fashioned hallucinogens. Once you agree to participate in this little drug-fest, she’ll direct you to enter a (now unlocked) side room, where you’ll find some “sacramental incense”. Interact with it to take a trip… on the path to enlightenment?

During Max’s “spirit journey” he’ll be pestered by various hallucinations, which somehow you’ll be privy to. Surprisingly, it doesn’t really matter what you say or do here. Attack the hallucinations, be subversive or supportive, this always ends the same way - with you passing out and Max having an epiphany. After Max is done talking you’ll gain 2,375 Bits, an Incense Vessel decorative item, and Max will gain the perk Tuned In which increases the duration of drug effects by +50%.

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