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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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The Outer Worlds Guide

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All Halcyon in a Day

Quest Information
Location:Terra 2 - Byzantium
How to Start:Talk to Alonzo Vallejos

Visit the Bureau of Exploration building in Byzantium and talk to Alonzo, who seems awfully keen on you participating in a guided tour of Halcyon. Agree to do so to start this quest.

This "tour" is really more of a scavenger hunt, as you’re looking for beacons scattered about… presumably in points of interest that travelers would like to see? Whatever the case, the locations of these beacons are as follows:

Talk to Alonzo to start this quest.The Byzantium beacon can be found easily enough in Prosperity Plaza.On Emerald Vale you'll need to fight a primal named Gigantesto reach the Emerald Vale beacon.A barrier clearly marks the edge of the terraformed part of ScyllaYou'll have to quickly rush out into the void to activate the beacon.
Defeat a Mega CanidAnd claim the beacon on Monarch

  • Terra 2, Byzantium: Southeast of the orrery in the middle of Prosperity Plaza, in a gated-off section of lawn near the door to the (perpetually-closed) "Rococo’s Decor" shop.

  • Terra 2, Emerald Vale: You’ll find this beacon along the northeastern end of Emerald Vale, just follow the road from Edgewater northwest, turn northeast at the first fork, continue past the Abandoned Outpost and the road will bend north, running past the Abandoned Industrial Zone (this is where you could find Zoe during the quest A Few Kindred Spirits). When you reach the Abandoned Industrial Zone, veer northeast into the hills to find a pack of primals led by Gigantes. What an odd coincidence. Kill them, then activate the beacon to get more useless chatter.

  • Scylla: This beacon is easy to reach, but somewhat tricky to actually activate. Land on the Scylla Landing Pad, drop off the elevator and head west into the wastes. The beacon you’re after is beyond the retention barrier, so you’ll have to expose yourself to the vacuum of space, which will, naturally, deal damage to you rather quickly. Save your game at the edge of the barrier, rush out, try to get to the beacon, then get back to safety.

  • Monarch: The final beacon can be found on Monarch. Travel to Stellar Bay, exit via the southeastern gate, cross the bridge, then follow the edge of the large chasm dividing this map to the west, then southwest. You’ll eventually find yourself at an abandoned marauder encampment, which is now overrun by canids, including a Mega Canid. Kill them, then search for the beacon behind some mushrooms near a slab of stone.

After your harrowing adventure, return to Alonzoto gain the Certified Explorer's Hat.

When you’ve activated all these beacons, return to Alonzo in Byzantium and tell him about your perilous triumph over his poorly designed tour. He’ll be rather candid about the true nature of the tour - which is to lure dimwitted, greedy mercenaries to their doom to the amusement of Byzantium crowds. Unfortunately for Alonzo, you proved to be too competent. In any event, he’ll fork over your reward, the Certified Explorer’s Hat, a hat that gives you a +1 bonus to Perception.

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