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Location: Terra 2 - Byzantium
How to Start: Talk to Celeste Jolicoeur

Visit Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery in Byzantium and talk to the proprietor, Celeste Jolicoeur, and after she gets done ogling you she’ll offer to make an outfit worthy of you… if you can find the right materials.

(1 of 2) You can examine armor you may have to find what set it belongs to in its descriptive text.

You can examine armor you may have to find what set it belongs to in its descriptive text. (left), Wear the sets Celeste is interested in to appease her. (right)

Outfits of Halcyon

First up, she wants you to model some outfits for her. Three outfits, in fact, including both clothing and headware - these outfits include a Marauder set, a Spacer set and an Iconoclast set. How do you know what armor is part of what set? Well, the description of each suit should give you a clue, and by clue we mean it’ll usually outright say it. In any event, below you’ll find a table of all the different suits of armor and helmets that constitute parts of clothing sets.

Marauder (Chest) Marauder (Head) Spacer (Chest) Spacer (Head) Iconoclast (Chest) Iconoclast (Head)
Cobbled Exo-Suit Marauder Survivalist Helmet Day Wear, Option 1 Enclosed Padded Helm Anti-Riot Gear Full Cranial Helmet
Makeshift Low Pressure Suit Overhauled Power Helmet Day Wear, Option 2 Mark 7 Cranial Protector Dur-A-Bull Guards Heavy Grade Face Mask
Marauder Survivalist Armor Patched Low Pressure Helmet Leather Gear, Business Casual Opti-Goggles Heavy Construction Gear Iconoclast Apostle Helmet
Rebuilt Mining Gear Piecemeal Mining Helmet Mixed Use Outfit Space Aviator Glasses Iconoclast Apostle Armor Leather Helm with Goggles
Retrofitted Heavy Power Armor Reconditioned Exo-Helmet Streetwear, Basic SubLight Contractor Helm Leaded Armor Vented Mark 3 Helmet
Streetwear, Fancy Vac Helm
Water Resistant Wear, Casual
Work Gear, Farm-Friendly
Work Vest, Style 7
  • Marauder gear can be found on marauders, of course, and there’s no reason why you can’t run around Emerald Vale and pick off any marauders that may have respawned - you’re certain to get some of this armor before long. If that’s not sufficient, you can always grab the Marauder Survivalist Armor and Marauder Survivalist Helmet** from Monarch. You’ll find both unique pieces of armor in a marauder camp south of the Terra One Publications building.

  • Spacer gear is even easier to acquire - you can probably buy some chest piece and headware or another from Ike’s Armory on the Groundbreaker or from Bronson in Amber Heights (Monarch). The default attire of Ellie and Felix also count as Spacer gear.

  • Iconoclast armor can be regularly found while exploring Monarch, but Bronson (Monarch - Amber Heights) usually sells the odd piece of Iconoclast armor. You can also get the Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclast Apostle Armor by completing the Iconoclast faction quests The Commuter and Pay for the Printer.

(1 of 4) After you’ve shown off all three sets, Celeste will give you a list of beast bits to collect.

Once you have six different pieces of set armor (one clothing item and one piece of headware from each set) return to Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery on Byzantium, put a matching clothing set on your protagonist and talk to Celeste. Repeat the process for each set and she’ll work out the design of her masterpiece - Barbarian-chic.

Unfortunately she’ll need authentic bits from some of Halcyon’s most dangerous beasties, including ten units of Primal Leather, three Raptidon Flank Hides and some Mantiqueen Chitin. Suffice to say, this will involve some running around. And in case you’re wondering, no, none of these components will spawn before you’re at this phase in this quest. Suffice to say, if you unlock this part of the quest before you travel to Monarch, you’ll almost certainly have it mostly accomplished just by doing the quest there. Also worth noting, you can show your discontent with the task by passing an [Intimidate 40] check, which will compel Celeste to give you 375 Bits. Better than nothing.

Creating the Chimaera

To get your custom Jolicoeur outfit you’ll now need to go around Halcyon, killing wildlife and collecting the parts that Jolicoeur needs. Again, these include ten units of Primal Leather, three Raptidon Flank Hides and some Mantiqueen Chitin. You can find them in the following locations:

  • Primal Leather has a chance to drop from Primals, and the quest itself suggests you hunt them in Emerald Vale. No good reason not to, as these are the weakest primals you’ll come across, although if you want more of a challenge for some reason you can go hunt them on Scylla, too.

  • Raptidon Flank Hides can be peeled off raptidons, and while the quest tells you to hunt them on Monarch, you can just as easily pick on the weaker raptidons at Roseway.

  • The only place you’ll find Mantiqueens are on Monarch, especially en route to Devil’s Peak, so you’ll need to head to Monarch to collect the Mantiqueen Chitin that Jolicoeur needs.

When you have all the parts listed above, return to Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery on Byzantium and present the pieces to her. She’ll dub the outfit she plans to create “Chimaera”. It’s only missing a bit of flair, which she’ll ask you to pick from the Halcyon Parcel Service building (HPS). At least it’s a simple errand this time. She’ll give you her Writ of Consent, after which you’ll need to head northwest from Prosperity Plaza to find the HPS building to the left (southwest).

(1 of 3) After some runaround in the HPS building you’ll be sent to intercept the parcel delivery

Parcel Picking

Once inside, talk to the left-most cashier - Olive Yates - and tell her you’re here for Jolicoeur’s package… only to be referred to Window B. Sigh. Head to the middle window and talk to Wanda Chen, who gives you attitude before telling you the parcel is out for delivery. Leave the HPS building and continue down the street to the northwest, then turn southwest at the intersection, head up some stairs, across a bridge, and when you reach a four-way intersection in the Estates District search a corner house to find a note telling you that the delivery was unsuccessful, and that the parcel is being returned to the HPS building. Reminds me of trying to get my replacement Xbox 360 from FedEx…

Return to the HPS building and talk to the lady behind the middle window again and try to get your parcel again, only to be referred back to Window A. Sigh. Return to the left-most window again and this time you’ll be met with success - either pass a [Persuade 40] check or show off the Writ of Consent and you’ll be good to go. No, seriously. Take it and run.

(1 of 2) Grab Celeste’s Key off her body

Grab Celeste’s Key off her body (left), and pick up the freshly-completed outfit she crafted for you. (right)

Make your way back to Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery only to find out that she fell afoul of the corporate jackboots, who executed her for “practicing a subversive aesthetic.” That’s some hardcore corporate fascism, there. After the guards leave, loot Celeste to obtain Celeste’s Key, then head into her office to the south and search her desk to find Chimaera, a fashionable suit that has a high amount of armor and gives a +10 bonus to your Dialogue skills. One of the better suits in the game for a protagonist who likes to talk their way out of trouble while also being able to survive in combat should they choose to cause trouble.

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