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The Outer Worlds

The Silent Voices

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Groundbreaker
How to Start: Talk to Edna Ingmire in Engineering after finishing the quest “Happiness is a Warm Spaceship”

(1 of 2) Talk to Edna Ingmire to start this quest

Talk to Edna Ingmire to start this quest (left), then travel to Relay GB-23. (right)

After completing the quest Happiness is a Warm Spaceship, Junlei will refer you to Edna Ingmire, who has a problem of her own that needs to be resolved. Seems that Groundbreaker isn’t just a trade hub, but also a communications hub - the sole communications option in Halcyon that isn’t controlled by one of the Board’s corporate entities or another. That’s bad enough from a market standpoint, but it gets worse; a gas giant is about to interrupt the Groundbreaker’s communications capabilities, and their only alternative is on the fritz. You can chat with Edna to learn about exactly why this is bad (corporations = bad) and confirm that the Groundbreaker does not, in fact, have any redundancy in this system whatsoever. Halcyon is literally one act of vandalism, accident or asteroid impact away from complete Board control, and frankly it’s surprising such an incident hasn’t been manufactured already.

In any event, offer to help out to start this quest. To advance it you’ll need to return to the Unreliable and travel via the Navigation Terminal to Relay GB-23, which can now by found on Halcyon’s system map. Travel there, pick your crew (Vicar Max’s bonus to Hack may come in incredibly hand here) and board Relay GB-23.

(1 of 2) Through a window you’ll see automechanicals patrolling near the terminal you need to access.

Through a window you’ll see automechanicals patrolling near the terminal you need to access. (left), A nearby security terminal can be used to shut down all the hostile bots on the station. (right)

Go through a door to the south and look through a window along the southern end of the room you find yourself in, where you’ll find an automechanical stomping around right near the terminal you need to reach. Oh, if only there was a way to disable these bots.

Oh wait, there’s totally a way to disable these bots! It will require some skill checks, however, especially Lockpick and Hack, so bring Parvati/Felix/Max along with you if you can to help meet these skill checks. From the first room you find yourself in, head west down a hallway to find a locked door [Lockpick 45] beyond which is a small room housing a security terminal. You can send all the automechanicals on the station into standby by picking the options [Update Security Routines] then [Hack 50] [Begin Charging Cycle]. These skill checks will allow you to avoid conflict throughout the rest of this area, although you’ll get more XP by killing by killing the bots.

Either disable the automechanicals or not, then loot the room to the south to find some trivial goodies, including a datapad detailing a Relay GB-23 crewmember’s descent into homicidal madness. You’ll also find a barred door leading to the room with the terminal you need to reach. Looks like you’ll have to go the long way around.

(1 of 2) Disable some traps in a hallway

Disable some traps in a hallway (left), then dispatch some automechanicals in the room beyond, if you left them active. (right)

Return to the first room and head down a hallway to the east, then turn south down another hallway. Down this hallway you’ll find some traps, and in the room at the far (southern) end of the hallway prowl two automechanicals. If you can pick the automechanicals off from afar, great, but as for the traps you’ll need to either detonate the mines and jump over the lightning tripwire. You can also unlock a door to the east [Lockpick 30], beyond which is a passage you can crouch through and follow south to bypass the hallway and its traps entirely.

However you reach it, scrap the automechanicals in the large room to the south, loot around to find trivial goodies, including another datapad detailing the demented man’s - Frey’s - losing battle for sanity. Your next destination is a cargo room to the west, and you can either take the door, or sneak through a loot-filled passage along the southern edge of the previous room. Either way, in the cargo room you’ll find two more automechanicals, some loot, and another datapad you can read. Looks like the cause of the relay going dark was a mentally ill man from Byzantium.

(1 of 2) Search the body of Frey - looks like he finally found a way to silence the voices.

Search the body of Frey - looks like he finally found a way to silence the voices. (left), Use the passcode to access the terminal and restore functionality to the relay. (right)

Go up some stairs to the north to find three doorways. To the east is a bathroom with little of interest inside, while to the west is a locked [Lockpick 45] door leading to a small room with three bins to loot, one on the ground floor and two up a ladder. The middle door leads to the room with the terminal you’re after, but this rather well-furnished room is also occupied by two more automechanicals. Take them out if they’re still active, then search a body in the northeastern corner of the room to find poor Frey. Apparently his only victim was himself.

If you search his body you’ll find the Relay Control Terminal Password as well as the unique weapon, Silencer. The former is especially useful, as the terminal otherwise requires you to pass a [Hack 100] check. Yikes. Save yourself the bother and use the password, then pick the option [Activate Relay Transmitter] to get this hunk of junk back up and running. You’ll automatically copy the data that Edna wants. All you need to do now is unbar the doors, board the Unreliable and return to Edna on Groundbreaker to complete this quest.

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