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Cupid of the Laboratory

Quest Information
Location:Terra 2 - Byzantium
How to Start:Talk to Giles Molina

Talk to Giles and he'll beg you to rescue his escaped sprats.Your task is complicated by the presence of automechanicalsand a massive rabid sprat named Kobalos.

Find Giles Molina near the maintenance tunnels in Byzantium and, with a little prodding, he’ll admit to losing his research sprats. The things fled into the maintenance tunnels and it’s a little too dangerous in there for him, what with the rabid sewer sprats and automechanicals and all, but he’s too attached to his sprats to turn down your help if you offer it. He even has names and backstories for them all. Not weird at all.

If you’re just coming out of Roseway and you’re not near level twenty, and don’t have any tier two weapons (Sawed-Off Shotgun Mk 2, Hunting Rifle Ultra, etc.) this quest might be a bit much for you - specially in Hard/Supernova difficulties. As Giles warned you, there are exterminator automechanicals in the sewers that will shoot at… well, basically anything that moves. There are over half a dozen of them, although we only ever had to face three at a time, and at level nineteen with a Dead-Eye Assault Rifle victory involved quite a bit of hit-and-run and healing. Not the easiest of fights, but the threat to Giles’ sprats seems overblown - as long as they don’t get caught in the crossfire, you shouldn’t lose any.

Another complication in these sewers is a pack of rabid sprats led by a massive specimen named Kobalos, whose damage doesn’t seem to scale up with its size. In any event, we didn’t have nearly as much trouble putting it down as we did the automechanicals.

Track the sprats and hunt them down - most are stationary and easy to catchA few, however, will require you to chase them down.

Focus on seeking out and defeating these foes, then track the quest to mark the location of all Giles’ sprats. Most are stationary, but you’ll have to chase down at least one of them. Still, it’s not like they’re really going to go anywhere, and with the green quest arrows of omniscience it’s only a matter of time until you grab them all.

Aside from that you can also find some loot in these sewers - and since this is the only quest everybody can get that’ll take them down to the maintenance tunnels (those siding with the Board will need to come here for the quest The Demolished Woman while those siding with Phineas can optionally find their way here during The City and the Stars) we might as well point this treasure out now.

Search the maintenance tunnels for the Ionized Paper Knifeand a loose UDL ID Cartridge.When you're done, bring the sprats back to a grateful Giles.

In a locker room near the middle of the area you can find a UDL Identity Cartridge in one of the partially opened lockers. Through the magic of the Holographic Shroud, this device will allow you to pose as a corporate employee in restricted areas… like around Minster Clarke’s estate, for example. In a maintenance/parcel shipping room (?) also near the middle of the area you’ll find the unique plasma cutter, Ionized Paper Knife, which comes with the SpeedGrip mod by default.

Anyways, get what loot you want and when you have all six sprats return to Giles for your reward.

Note: Completing this quest may come back to help you later during the quest The City and the Stars in as much as you can call in a favor from Giles.

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