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The Outer Worlds

Star-Crossed Troopers

Nathan Garvin
Quest Information .
Location: Monarch
How to Start: Talk to Nyoka

The first time you exit Stellar Bay with Nyoka in your party, she should ask you for a favor. Since she’s guiding you to Devil’s Peak, why not accompany her while she checks on an old friend, who is on the way? Of course, the more details she provides, this less simple this seems, as this friend of hers isn’t alive, and it seems like it involves revenge against some Mantiqueen. A cursory glance at the map will also reveal that it is not, in fact, on the way to Devil’s Peak, although it’s not a significant detour, either. In any event, agree to help her to start this quest. The immediacy of the request isn’t borne out by any actual requirements - feel free to postpone it as long as you want.

(1 of 3) Kill the raptidons near Hayes’ grave

Hayes’ Medallion

When you’re finally read to help Nyoka out, you’ll find that where she wants you to go is southwest of the Devil’s Peak Station. This is a bit of an over-simplification, however, given the terrain in the way. More likely you’ll need to follow the road west from Fallbrook, past the Abandoned Safehouse, and to the Cascadia Turnpike fast travel node, which itself is northwest of the C&P Boarst Factory. From the Cascadia Turnpike you need only venture north into the wilderness, dealing with whatever beasties you encounter along the way - you’re likely to encounter mantids in the wilderness, while near the gravesite itself you’ll have to kill some raptidons.

Once the beasties are dead, search the grave to acquire Hayes’ CHARON Medallion, which you’ll promptly lose when you talk to Nyoka. Stage one in the scheme to lure out Nyoka’s mantiqueen is complete, next you’ll have to talk to Hiram at the Devil’s Peak Station to learn what happened to Rebekah and Anders… presumably the “A” and “R” in “CHARON”.

Return to the Devil’s Peak Station by whatever means you find most convenient and talk to Hiram - obviously this means you’ll have had to have reached him before, otherwise you should check out Radio Free Monarch/Signal Point in Space for more details - and pick the dialogue option “Nyoka needs a favor.”, after which the two will bicker for a bit. Pass a [Persuade 35], [Intimidate 35] or [Lie 35] check or just let Nyoka do the talking to get some relevant coordinates. Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

(1 of 2) Kill the marauders lurking around the expansion site

Kill the marauders lurking around the expansion site (left), and locate Anders and Rebekah. (right)

Rebekah and Anders

For the next stage of this quest you’ll need to travel back to Emerald Vale, of all places. Once there, make your way to the Geothermal Power Plant, and from there continue into an encampment to the west, which is now completely overrun by marauders. Don’t take these marauders lightly - unlike the rest of the foes in Emerald Vale, these enemies can be around level twenty. Clear them out, then search a device near the door to a sealed house along the southwestern edge of the expansion, and Nyoka will use Jedi space magic to get the door open. Inside you’ll find Anderson and Rebekah; take their medallions, read a datapad if you wish, then talk to Nyoka. She’s more upset that her friends tried to abandon them than that they’re dead, although it is rather fitting that they learned the slow crush of corporate dystopia isn’t any less lethal than the fangs, claws, mandibles, plasma and acid they left behind on Monarch.

(1 of 2) Kill Pungent Primal Behemoths around Scylla

Kill Pungent Primal Behemoths around Scylla (left), and take their Pheromone Glands. (right)

Primal Pheromones

Speaking of which, you have these medallions you just need a way to lure out this Moby Mantiqueen that Nyoka is after. Usually mantids were easy enough to provoke with just the lure of fresh monkey meat, but for this one, Nyoka suggest getting the stink of primals by hunting some on Scylla. Return to the Unreliable and travel to Scylla, where you just need to prowl the wastes hunting for primals. There are three marked locations for you to investigate - one to the east of the landing pad, one to the southeast, and a third to the southwest. At each marked spot you’ll find a pack of primals led by a behemoth, the latter of which should drop a Pheromone Gland when slain. Collect three such glands and give them to Nyoka, who will go over the next stage of her plan. Back to Monarch it is!

(1 of 3) Kill some feeding mantids

Mantisaur Hive

Find Nyoka’s old base, kill a bunch of mantids, get the last two medallions - the “C” and “O” of CHARON - lure out the mantiqueen, and hopefully Nyoka will be able to finally put the past behind her. First things first, you’ll need to reach Nyoka’s aforementioned base, which can be found south and slightly west of the Cascadia Turnpike. Hopefully you can fast travel there, which will speed things up considerably. Reach the sealed door to the base, use a terminal, enter the password Nyoka provided, then head on into the Mantisaur Hive.

Once inside, make your way down a passage to the south to reach a chamber where many mantids lurk. Stealth isn’t going to get it done this time, as some of the bugs are feasting on a pile of bones and raptidons. These are lesser mantids, so it shouldn’t be much trouble to exterminate them. When they’re dead, note three points of interest marked out for you - to the east you’ll find Opal’s body, while south beyond the feeding pillar you’ll find Clara’s body. Both are improbably still intact despite however long they’ve been lying here at the mercy of Monarch’s weather (and hungry mantids), Loot them for their medallions, then plunder the cave for various treasures.

(1 of 5) When you’re ready to fight the Mantiqueen, place the primal pheromones on the bone pile,

All that’s left to do now is return to the bone pile where the mantids were feasting earlier and place the primal glands you poached from Scylla. Be ready for combat before you do this, as the mantiqueen Nyoka is hunting will arrive… after Nyoka finally stops yammering. The mantiqueen will enter via a small side chamber to the southwest, and she’s not alone, being accompanied by various other mantids including the odd mantiswarm, drone and mantipillar. Suffice to say, this can be quite a fight, and you’d be wise to restrain your companions, who will otherwise merrily rush off to their likely demise. If you have them hold position near in the main chamber you can concentrate your fire on the mantids as they come around the corner, and this is where some n-ray weapons will really shine, potent as it is against tightly-grouped enemies. A single six-shot clip was enough for us to eliminate all the mantids save a mantiswarm and mantiqueen on hard difficulty. The queen itself is a particularly powerful specimen, whose plasma spit can deal massive damage. We stood in front of our companions by a good distance, as we were more capable of dodging her attacks.

Once the bugs are dead, talk to Nyoka to gain various rewards. You’ll gain XP, and a total of 2,438 Bits, the Framed Photograph decoration and Nyoka will gain The Crew perk, which gives a +10% bonus to critical hit chance when fighting creatures. You can also convince Nyoka to hang onto the medallions, which will become another decoration for her crew quarters if you do.

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