The Outer Worlds

A Few Kindred Spirits

Nathan Garvin
Quest Information .
Location: Terra 2 - Emerald Vale - Botanical Lab
How to Start: Talk to Grace Romero

Start this quest by talking to Grace Romero, who stands guard on the road leading to the Botanical Lab. She’ll tell you about a girl named Zoe who went missing, and if you ask she’ll mention a boy named Stefan might know something about where Zoe went.

(1 of 2) Talk to Stefan to learn about Zoe’s “journaling” and her fondness of serials.

Talk to Stefan to learn about Zoe’s “journaling” and her fondness of serials. (left), You can even steal a copy of said serial from Stefan. (right)

Find and talk to Stefan in the Botanical Lab area to learn that Zoe was a big fan of the Masked Marketeer serial - which Stefan had just secured the latest episode of, and was going to surprise Zoe with - and her hobby of “journaling”. Both of these bits of info will update the quest, and are well worth knowing. If you talked to Zoe before talking to Stefan, you’ll get the opportunity to ask him for the copy of the Masked Marketeer he has, which will require you to pass a [Lie 5] or [Persuade 5] check… or you could just pickpocket him for it.

(1 of 2) Read Zoe’s journal scraps to find out where she is

Read Zoe’s journal scraps to find out where she is (left), and steal a poster from the wall - you can later decorate your ship with it. (right)

Next enter Zoe’s abode and search around for scraps of paper lying around, including one on a desk, one on a small table near the door, and one on the floor, partially hidden by the carpet. You can also steal the Poster on the wall, which you can use to decorate your ship.

Now that you know where Zoe is, head on over to the Abandoned Industrial Zone, a cluster of buildings to the east of the Botanical Lab - if you’re also following the Comes Now the Power quest in the main walkthrough, we went the long way from Edgewater to the Botanical Garden in part to point out this location. If not, just follow the road out of the Botanical Garden and at the fork turn northeast.

(1 of 3) Kill the marauders around Zoe

The place is absolutely crawling with marauders (at least, if you didn’t clear them out on your way to the Botanical Garden), potentially including Guillaume Antrim, who you’ll need to kill for the quest Fistful of Digits. Gun them down to Zoe’s glee, then talk to her.

She’s clearly living in a bit of a fantasy work, deluded by her serials… and like most locals she’s got a tenuous grasp on morality, at best. After you tell her you were sent here to find her, either pass an [Intimidate 54] check to threaten her into returning of her own volition, or a [Persuade 15] check followed by either mentioning Stefan or the serial he has to convince her to go back. If you didn’t talk to Stefan before talking to Zoe you’ll have to pass a [Persuade 25] check instead. Finally, if you talked to Zoe first, then talked to Stefan and got his copy of The Masked Marketeer: Episode Thirty-Eight, you can give it to Zoe in lieu of any Persuade check.

However you manage it, once Zoe has been convinced to go home, return to Grace to complete this quest.

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