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The Outer Worlds

Odd Jobs

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Monarch - Amber Heights
How to Start: Talk to Bronson

You’ll find Bronson just north of the Amber Heights gate, and if you offer to be helpful you can start the quest Odd Jobs, which naturally requires you to do a bunch of… well, odd jobs. Three tasks need to be completed to satisfy Bronson: reroute the electrical wiring near the bar, vent the steam flow from some stressed pipes atop one of the houses, and restore the communications to the guard house.

(1 of 2) If your skills are up to snuff, you can fix every problem remotely via a terminal.

If your skills are up to snuff, you can fix every problem remotely via a terminal. (left), Once complete, return to Bronson for your reward. (right)

The Quick Fix

First, before you go running off to each of these tasks, there’s an easy way to fix them all… assuming you’ve invested in your skills wisely. Head to the northern edge of Amber Heights, where you’ll find a bar to the north, and another building to the west. In the western building you’ll find a terminal with numerous options. Essentially, you can remotely fix all of Bronson’s problem with this terminal.

Pick the [View Work Orders] option to get the full list:

  • If you pick [Steam coming outta the roof], then pass an [Engineering 55] check to fix it.

  • Pick the work order [Arcing electricity at the bar] then pass a [Science 55] check to shut it down.

  • Open the work order [Haven’t heard from the rapt house] and pass a [Hack 55] check to reset the comms breaker remotely.

  • Not quest related, but you can pick the option [Dear diary] and pass a [Hack 55] check to delete Huxley’s bogus work order.

  • Finally, and also not quest related, pick the option [Medical Examiners Residence, Door Sealed] then [Engage Remote Forced Door Lever Operation] to unlock the upper floor of the med bay, where you can scrounge some loot.

Not only will you get XP for passing each check and resolving the issue, but if you take care of each of Bronson’s problems you can return to him and complete the quest. On the other hand, if you can’t pass these checks you’ll have to see to the often dangerous-business yourself. These tasks will be discussed below.

(1 of 3) Trying to approach the switch near the bar will treat you to a painful shock.

Lightning Dodging

Head to the western side of the bar (which itself is the northern-most building in Amber Heights) and you’ll see some electricity-spewing wires on the floor. Align yourself opposite the switch and try to jump over the wires to land near the switch, which you can quickly flip to turn off the power. This can be a bit fussy, as sometimes you’ll get shocked and knocked back, but keep trying, as it can be done.

(1 of 3) Aim at the switch between two gouts of steam

Steam Tag

Make your way to the med bay door and from there turn west to find some crates near a rock formation. Jump onto the crates, then turn south and walk along the rocks to get near the roof of a building to the west, where you’ll certainly see steam spewing out of some red pipes. Align yourself between two jets of steam and facing the switch in the center of the room, then jump between the steam to land near the switch. Once done, flip the switch to turn off the steam, and sneakily loot a nearby bin for some loot. Nice.

(1 of 2) Kill some canids near the Bayside Terrace Ruins

Kill some canids near the Bayside Terrace Ruins (left), then flip the switch they were foolishly resting near. (right)

Canid’s Switch

Simple to explain, perhaps more time-consuming to complete, this is the only objective that takes you out of Amber Heights. You’ll need to travel north from Amber Heights to reach the Bayside Terrace Ruins, which consists of some buildings near a massive sealed gate. You’ll find the switch you need on the southern end of one of the buildings. The only real complication are the canids that like to congregate near the switch. Well, that and the marauders and raptidons along the way.

However you manage it - by flipping all three switches manually or using the terminal to deal with all the problems remotely - return to Bronson when you’re done to gain a reward including 375 Bits, some positive Iconoclast reputation and of course, XP.

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