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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Flowers for Sebastian

Quest Information
Location:Monarch - Stellar Bay
How to Start:Talk to Celia

Ask Celia about Sebastian and she'll ask you to ask him out for her.Getting Sebastian to go on a date is a matter of diplomacy or bribery, mostly due to how dense he is. Extinct.

You can start this quest by talking to Celia in the MSI building in Stellar Bay. If you talked to Sebastian you’ll have found out that Celia is oddly fixated on buying beastie bits from him, which she apparently does because it’s the only excuse she can think of to interact with him. Being a grown up is hard, so tell her to ask him out and she’ll try to get you to do so in her stead. Fear of rejection, and all.

This task is incredibly simple, just talk to Sebastian and talk to him about Celia. As cowardly as she is, he’s equally as dense. If they resembled humanity at large, we’d all be extinct. Ask him if he’ll go on a date with her and he’ll assume it’s a ploy to get a discount, and he desperately needs her business because she’s the only one who buys half of his junk. Extinct.

Pass a [Persuade 35] check or a bribe him with 522 Bits and he’ll agree to go on a date with Celia, otherwise respond with "She doesn’t want a discount. She’s attracted to you.", which will allow you to attempt a [Lie 20] check. Either of those three options will get him to agree to go on a date with her, after which you need only tell her the good news. You’ll gain XP, positive MSI reputation and 375 Bits. Celia’s investment in you was certainly wiser than buying more carcass bits from Sebastian.


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