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The Outer Worlds

BOLT with His Name

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Monarch - Stellar Bay
How to Start: Talk to Sanjar Nandi

(1 of 2) Sanjar will ask you to find the BOLT-52 Cartridge

Sanjar will ask you to find the BOLT-52 Cartridge (left), and wipe a terminal in the ARM building. (right)

You can find Sanjar Nandi in the MSI building in Stellar Bay, which is right alongside Zeng Shuren’s shop, just northwest of the southeastern gate. As far are corporate executives in Halcyon goes, he seems relatively benign, if a bit… silly? In any event, his limp-wristed corporate rule has led to some freedoms not enjoyed by workers elsewhere in Halcyon, but unfortunately Monarch is not cooperating, and between hostile wildlife, marauders, and the propaganda of the Iconoclasts, the folks of Stellar Bay are finding it harder to keep things going. Sanjar has a scheme, however, and wants to improve MSI’s position so they can leverage a position back onto the Board. The first step in this plan is to secure a BOLT-52 cartridge, which can be found in the ARMS building a short distance north of Stellar Bay. You can pass an [Intelligence] check and two [Perception] checks while talking to Sanjar, but they don’t have any significant impact. Oh, and if you could delete the data on some terminals while you’re in the ARMS building, that would please Sanjar. Curious…

This quest is actually related to the main quests Radio Free Monarch and Signal Point in Space. Once you advance one (or both) of those quests far enough you’ll need to do this quest, but there’s no harm in doing it early, if you wish. It doesn’t take you too far from Stellar Bay, nor does it make you fight anything but… well, some of the weakest raptidons on the planet. It’s honestly a pretty good early-Monarch quest, especially if your levels are in the mid-teens.

(1 of 2) Fight your way through several packs of raptidons

Fight your way through several packs of raptidons (left), While not strictly necessary, an ARMS Building Key found on a corpse will allow you to bypass some lockpick checks. (right)

Exit via the town’s southwestern gate, cross a bridge to the northwest, then follow the road as it winds through the ruins until you reach the ARMS building, which is rather near a bridge to the southwest. It’s also the only building you can enter to the left (east) [Lockpick 35], and if you can’t pick the lock, never fear - just follow the road to find a corpse near some crates near the bridge, on which you’ll find the ARMS Building Key.

However you manage it, get inside, loot around, then turn your attention to the terminal on the desk, presumably the one Sanjar wanted you to wipe. Obviously this means we want to see what he’s hiding, right? Interact with it and pick the option [View Executive Reviews] then [Continue] to get a gander at Sanjar’s performance review. Suffice to say, it’s not particularly kind… but it’s not wrong, either. Poor Sanjar. Look at other reviews if you wish [Hack 20], then pick the option to [Delete All] if you wish… not that it really matters much.

When you’re done poking around old corporate documentation, head upstairs, loot two bins [Lockpick 35] then exit onto a balcony to the west. Outside you’ll be pestered by a woman stuck behind a nearby locked door, a predicament from which there are numerous ways to extract her. First, however, don’t resist the urge to pick the wonderfully ridiculous [Lie 35] option to mimic a raptidon. The woman stuck in the storage room, Huxley, has been having a bad day, but you can make it a little bit better by getting her free.

(1 of 2) If you picked up the ARMS Building Key earlier you can use it to free Huxley.

If you picked up the ARMS Building Key earlier you can use it to free Huxley. (left), Failing that, there are a variety of ways to help her free herself - the more you question her ahead of time, the more options you’ll have. (right)

First, be sure to exhaust her dialogue options by saying “Well, I need to get in that room.” and she’ll mention a comrade who had a key, although they’re probably a corpse now. If you found the ARMS Building Key, you’ve got a way in (you can find this key on a corpse near the bridge to the southeast). For more options, next say “Seeing as you’re trapped, you might as well answer a few things for me.” and exhaust all the following dialogue options to learn about some of her phobias and the Iconoclasts. Provided you’ve done those things, your options should now be as follows:

  • You can say “There must be a way to open it from the inside.” then you can pass an [Engineering 35] or [Perception] check to help her find her way out. We’ve all had those moments… If you learned more about her by asking questions you’ll also get an [Intimidate 55] and [Perception 55] check, which will both lead to her getting the door open.

  • If your do not have the ARMS Building Key, you can attempt a [Lockpick 100] check during dialogue, which doesn’t actually do anything, but it will earn you some XP and end the conversation. Once the conversation has been ended (one way or another) you can try to pick the lock like normal [Lockpick 95] to actually get the door open.

  • Finally, if you do have the ARMS Building Key you can pick the option “I think I found it”, after which you can just open the door as normal.

(1 of 3) Be sure to check out the terminal to find out why Sanjar wants it wiped

Once the door is open, Huxley will thank you and you’ll get a tiny bit of positive Iconoclast reputation. Pick the dialogue option “Normally, when you help someone, they give you something for their trouble.” followed by either a [Lie 55], [Intimidate 35] or [Persuade 55] check to score 750 Bits. You can also kill her, if you’re sociopathic like that.

In any event, enter the room she was stuck in and grab the Bolt-52 Cartridge you came here for. Grab anything that’s not bolted down, then return to Sanjar in Stellar Bay. The BOLT-52 isn’t… quite what Sanjar made it out to be, but he’s happy with it, and it seems necessary to his plans, so… hooray! This will end the quest BOLT with His Name and your reward will include the typical XP, Bits, and positive reputation as well as the unique MSI Elite Helmet. Sanjar’s not done yet, however; he needs to find evidence of another corporation operating - illegally - on Monarch, which he can then use to blackmail his way back onto the Board… along with the BOLT-52. This starts the quest Errors Unseen.

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