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The Outer Worlds
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First Published: 25-10-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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The Outer Worlds Guide

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Side Quests

Solution Vital

Quest Information
How to Start:Talk to Cpl. Leonard Wheeler

Corporal Leonard Wheeler will refer you to one Wanda DorsettWho will tell you about some direly needed medical supplies she needs you to recover.Your destination is ultimate the asteroid, Scylla.

When you arrive on Groundbreaker you'll need to chat with Cpl. Leonard Wheeler at a security checkpoint that divides the docks from the Promenade. After telling you that your ship has been impounded he'll have the nerve to ask you a favor - tell one Dr. Wanda Dorsett to get off his ass about some automechanical delivery, as they're not due to arrive any time soon.

Find Dr. Wanda Dorsett in the Sick Bay and deliver Wheeler's message and she'll mention the wayward Captain Irion, who is supposed to be delivering her automechanicals. Unfortunately he's a bit more daring than... well, smart, as he may have taken a detour near Scylla, which is known for its pirate population. Looks like it's up to one foolhardy captain to go rescue another.

Note: Assuming you have him in your party, Felix should try to talk to you the first time you travel to Scylla, starting his companion quest Friendship's Due.

The wastes of Scylla are home to many primals, including the oddly named Col. Butterscotch.Defeat the outlaws guarding Irionafter which you can talk to the good captain, who insists he was on the verge of a gallant escapade.Whatever the case, for rescuing him you'll get Irion's Flintlock.

When you're capable of doing so, travel to Scylla and land at the Scylla Landing Pad. Once off the Unreliable, head down a lift to the south, then make your way to the southwestern edge of the area. Scylla is occupied by outcasts, primals and automechanicals, most of which should be levels 12-17 (although the automechanicals near the abandoned mining outpost to the east may be stronger). Assuming you're of similar level, the only foe you really need to be wary of is a unique primal named Col. Butterscotch, which really isn't much different than any other Primal Behemoth.

Approach the quest marker and you'll find a camp where Captain Irion is behind held captive by some outlaws. Kill the outlaws (they're nothing special) then talk to Irion, who was, of course, just moments away from a daring maneuver that would extricate himself from this situation. Surprisingly what you say to him is irrelevant; his narcissism precludes any gratitude, but at least he'll be free to finish his delivery. You will, however, receive Irion's Flintlock for your trouble, a pistol that shoots two rounds at once and bestows "a big bonus to weakspot damage".

To finish this quest, all you need to do is return to Wanda Dorsett back on Groundbreaker to claim your reward, which include 1,500 Bits, Auntie-Biotics Creme x3, Adreno x3 and Immunosol x3.

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