The Outer Worlds

The Lying Earth

Nathan Garvin
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Location: Terra 2 - Byzantium
How to Start: Talk to Minister Clarke during the quest “The City and the Stars”

(1 of 2) Talk to Minister Clarke to start this quest

Talk to Minister Clarke to start this quest (left), and send his data via Chairman Rockwell’s terminal to finish it. (right)

This quest is wholly subsumed by the quest The City and the Stars, a not uncommon occurrence in this game. To start it, you’ll need to talk to Minister Clarke during The City and the Stars, and after he tells you to snoop around the HHC building he’ll also ask you to use Chairman Rockwell’s terminal to send some data back to Earth.

To meet with Chairman Rockwell you’ll need to sneak into his estate and pick the locked side door [Lockpick 60], a task made easier if you have a UDL ID Cartridge (one can be found under a bench near the canal in Byzantium, another can be found in a locker in the maintenance tunnels) to provide cover and/or the Minister’s Estate Key, which you can obtain from Guard Mayfield in Billingsly’s House of Inebriation by giving him three Spectrum Vodkas.

To reach the HHC building you’ll need to bypass a restricted zone at the gate to the Acropolis District, which you can do by talking to Guard Stallworth passing a [Persuade 40] check then bribing her for around 2,000 Bit or by passing a [Lie 65] check. Failing that, you can sneak through the maintenance tunnels (this requires you to pick a locked door [Lockpick 60]) or if you have a UDL ID Cartridge you can just walk through the blockade.

Inside the HHC building, head south past a receptionist and over to a security checkpoint, where Guard Bachmeyer will waste your time. Just show him the credentials Minister Clarke gave you, then ride the elevator up after Bachmeyer fails to confiscate your weapons. Once upstairs go through the locked door to the northwest to reach Clarke’s office, then head north through a hole in the wall to reach Chairman Rockwell’s office. Use his terminal and pick the option [Send Minister Clarke’s Message to Earth] to complete the quest. While this will earn you some XP, it’ll also cost you a bit of negative reputation with the Board.

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