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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

Trophy and Achievement Roadmap for Crisis Core Reunion

Jarrod Garripoli

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion is a remaster/remake of the original Crisis Core game on the Playstation Portable. The trophy/achievement list will require you to pay attention to a lot of things in the game, as there are a large number of missable things. There’s no chapter select or anything, either, so if you happened to miss something and only have one or two saves, then you will either need to start completely over, or wait until you complete the game and start on New Game+.

Step 1 - Play While Doing Missable Trophies

Crisis Core Reunion has a large number of missable trophies/achievements

The first step in playing through Crisis Core Reunion is to play the main story and keep an eye out for the missable trophies/achievements. There’s a large number of these, so it helps to keep an eye out and follow a list closely, so you don’t actually miss anything. Thankfully, there is a page for each of the chapters in the game, which lists those missable things. While there are individual trophies/achievements for each chapter, there are other ones that span the entirety of the game, like the Mission Completionist and Mail Completionist, as two examples.

The following pages will list the missables for each chapter, which include various trophies/achievements, missions and some mails:

It’s important to remember that just about everything related to Midgar is missable, as you leave there at the end of Chapter 7 and won’t be able to go back. Some of the trophies/achievements for Midgar need to be done right away, while others are still available until the point of no return mentioned above. Another big takeaway is to do the missions that require you to speak to someone after finishing them, mostly to obtain a missable item. Most of these pertain to the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy/achievement, as the key items obtained are needed for that.

Step 2 - Complete Missions/Gather Equipment/Materia

(1 of 2) You will get better Materia as you play through missions

You will get better Materia as you play through missions (left), so don’t fret over feeling weaker at the earlier parts of the game (right)

If you followed the step above, you should have gotten all of the missable missions unlocked and be in a good place in regards to doing all of the missions now. It should be noted that while doing this, you should be improving the Materia you use and increasing your stats. Materia Fusion is a big part of this, as you can attach stats once you unlock the ability to use items in fusion (Chapter 4, Missions 7-2-1). During this step, you should procure the following:

For Accessories, you should start searching every chest during missions once you get to the Great Cavern of Wonders. In particular, you will want the following accessories:

You will eventually unlock the better accessories, in particular, the Genji set, although some of these require a bit more than just finding/stealing them. In particular, the "Genji Armor" iconGenji Armor requires you to 100% the DMW, which can take a long time, so it might not be viable at this point. The "Genji Helm" iconGenji Helm and "Genji Gloves" iconGenji Gloves are the easiest of the four to obtain, with the "Genji Shield" iconGenji Shield needed some good luck on your part, or the Octoslash Materia to help.

Step 3 - Defeat Minerva

"Minerva" iconMinerva is Crisis Core Reunion’s superboss and the toughest enemy in the game, with her being found in Mission 9-6-6. She has 10 million HP on Normal, and a whopping 77 million HP on Hard. You will find she has plenty of powerful attacks, so having max VIT and SPR is ideal here. With those two stats, 90,000+ HP and Costly Punch, you should have more than enough to defeat her. Just make sure you always keep a "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down buff active and your current HP above 75,000 (if you have max VIT/SPR). The reason for this is because her Judgment Arrow attack will remove all buffs, including the Phoenix Down one. It also helps to have a healthy stock of "X-Potion" iconX-Potions, which can be bought from the "Sector 7 - Shop" iconSector 7 - Shop.

(1 of 2) !Minerva is the superboss in this game

!Minerva is the superboss in this game (left), The !Divine Slayer comes from beating the superboss, !Minerva (right)

Your reward for defeating Minerva is the "Divine Slayer" iconDivine Slayer accessory, as well as the Divine Rule Broken trophy/achievement.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up and Hard Difficulty

The final step here is to clean up any other remaining trophies/achievements you have. If you missed any, then you will need to do New Game+ or start over from the beginning. At this point, if you didn’t 100% the DMW, do that now to obtain DMW Master and get the Genji Armor. You can simply use the one method to Level Up Materia Easily to gain progress towards your DMW. If you didn’t get the other Genji equipment, do that now as well. Make sure you also complete all of the missions at this point.

For Hard difficulty, at the time of this writing, you don’t need to actually do a full playthrough on Hard. In fact, you can switch the game’s difficulty to Hard right before the final boss, and defeat it to obtain SOLDIER of Legend.

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