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Shin Megami Tensei V

What Are Mimans?

Jarrod Garripoli

Early in the game, you will meet a NPC named Gustave, who is the keeper of the Cadaver’s Hollow, an area you accidentally stumble upon when accessing the first leyline in the game. He is a bit of an eccentric and is interesting in collecting any Relics, of which he sent out his minions, the Mimans, to collect. Gustave wants you to go out and collect the Mimans, and you will be handsomely rewarded for your troubles. Finding them are pretty easy, as you will see when you look at the first one, as the Mimans are glowing, setting them apart from the dystopian backgrounds of the various regions. They are generally off the beaten path, or hidden behind an object, so you will want to search thoroughly for them.

Mimans are pretty easy to spot because they stand out

There are 200 Mimans in the game, 50 in each region, and once you find and speak to them, you will receive 5 Glory. If you don’t know, Glory is used to purchase Miracles, which are passive buffs to help you on your journey. In addition to the Glory received, you will also receive rewards from Gustave depending on the number of Mimans collected, with you receiving items/Essences for every five Mimans you find. It’s always a good idea to go back to Gustave to get these rewards, as they are free items/Essences and will help you out tremendously on your journey.

Gustave Rewards

Miman Collected Reward
1 Onmoraki’s Essence
5 Starter Healing Set (x3)
10 Element Talisman
15 Neko Shogun’s Essence
20 Ice Gem (x3)
25 Angel’s Essence
30 Avian Talisman
35 Gem Set (x3)
40 Makami’s Essence
45 Avatar Talisman
50 Incense Set (x2)
55 Holy Talisman
60 King Frost’s Essence
65 Ailment Gem Set (x4)
70 Fiend Talisman
75 Gem Set (x6)
80 Quetzalcoatl’s Essence
85 Sutra Set
90 Kishin Talisman
95 Charge Gem Set (x2)
100 Genma Talisman
105 Balm Set
110 Grimoire (x6)
115 Incense Set (x4)
120 Thunderbird’s Essence
125 Ailment Gem Set (x8)
130 Large Glory Crystal
135 Sutra Set (x2)
140 Yoshitsune’s Essence
145 Balm Set (x2)
150 Large Glory Crystal (x2)
155 Advanced Healing Set (x2)
160 Siegfried’s Essence
165 Incense Set (x6)
170 Gospel (x2)
175 Large Glory Crystal (x3)
180 Lakshmi’s Essence
185 Sutra Set (x3)
190 Soma (x3)
195 Large Glory Crystal (x4)
200 Balm Set (x4)

Cironnup Locations

As you explore the various regions in the game, you may come upon a fox demon called a Cironnup near the end areas. If you happen to speak with them, you will be able to pay a “small” fee that will reveal the locations of all Mimans in that particular region. They are typically found near the end of the regions, so you’re going to have to work your way through each area until you can get to them. Of course, the maps they sell of the Mimans’ locations are also going to cost you a good amount of Macca.

Be on the lookout for these little guys, as they can sell you maps that reveal the locations of the Mimans in that region

Region Cost
Minato 2,500 Macca
Shinagawa 10,000 Macca
Chiyoda 20,000 Macca
Taito 40,000 Macca
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