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Shin Megami Tensei V

The Water Nymph

Matt Chard

The Water Nymph is a Subquest in Shin Megami Tensei V. Most Subquests will reward you with a large amount of experience, some Macca, and then you’ll receive an item of sorts. Most of the time, it’ll be a Talisman which allows you to have access to the different Magatsuhi skills in the game.

Apsaras and some Agathions getting ready to battle.

Recommended Level Location Rewards
15+ Cave to the South of Tokyo Tower Leyline 2 x Stamina Incenses, Leanan Sidhe joins

Apsaras is seducing weak demons into becoming her soldiers. Put a stop to her plans.

How to start The Water Nymph

In order to start this Subquest, you’ll need to head to the cave, south of the Tokyo Tower Leyline where you’ll find Leanan Sidhe. If you have already accepted The Spirit of Love from Apsara, choose the bottom option “Talk to her” to accept the quest.

The Water Nymph can be accepted from Leanan Sidhe at the cave south of the Tokyo Tower Leyline.

Where to find Apsaras in The Water Nymph

With the quest accepted, you’ll need to find Apsaras. She can be found in a cave east of the Shiba Leyline.

Apsaras is in the cave east of the Shiba Leyline, preaching to her flock.

When you speak to her, you’ll have two options. The top option will be to “Fulfill Leanan Sidhe’s request” and the bottom option will be to talk to her. If you choose the bottom option, you’ll accept The Spirit of Love Subquest. Fulfilling Leanan Sidhe’s request will put you in battle with her and a few Agathions.

This can be a tough fight if you’re not prepared. Subquest bosses in general tend to have more health than their on field counterparts, which is why we recommend being at least 15+, although it can be done earlier.

Recommended Party

Icon Name
Angel_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Angel
Daemon_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Daemon
Azumi_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Azumi

When you start the battle, you’ll be going up against Apsaras as well as three Agathions. Apsaras is weak to Fire, and the Agathions are weak to Ice, and Dark. Daemon is great for this battle, as he has access to both Agi and Mudo, and he isn’t weak to the Ice and Electric damage they will throw at him. Angel is brought along predominantly for his healing, Humble Blessing is great at this stage of the game, and can really help in a pinch. Finally, bring along Azumi for his strong Ice magic, which is the Agathion’s weakness.

For the Nahobino, try to get Agi and/or Bufu on him via the World of Shadows Fusion essences. If you didn’t get the essences for them, you can just use Aramasa.

Start the fight by using your Magatsuhi skill Omagatoki Critical if it’s available, then use Aramasa on Apsaras. Use Daemon’s Mudo on the Agathions to strike their weak point and get yourself another turn. If you’re lucky, Mudo might outright kill one of them as it has a chance to instakill anything that is weak to it. For Angel, use Hama, or Agi if you have it on him on Apsaras when you have Omagatoki Critical up otherwise, Guard or heal with Humble Blessing. Finally, with Azumi, use your Bufu skills on the Agathions. Keeping up with this rotation will end the fight pretty quickly.

With the battle completed, head back to Leanan Sidhe at the cave, south of the Tokyo Tower Leyline, and turn in the quest to receive her as a party member, and some rewards.


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