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Shin Megami Tensei V

The Cursed Mermaids

Matt Chard

The Cursed Mermaids is a Subquest in Shin Megami Tensei V. Most Subquests will reward you with a large amount of experience, some Macca, and then you’ll receive an item of sorts. Most of the time, it’ll be a Talisman which allows you to have access to the different Magatsuhi skills in the game.

Mermaid is upset because her fellow Mermaids are cursed, help her out!

Recommended Level Location Rewards
15+ Mermaid, south of the Hamamatsucho Leyine. Grimoire x 3

Investigate the Mermaid’s curse by visiting her fellow Mermaids in the mountains.

How to start The Cursed Mermaids

In order to start this Subquest, teleport to the Hamamatsucho Leyline, and head south, under the bridge, into the cave with the Azumis. The Mermaid can be found at the back of the cave. It seems that a curse has been put on her fellow mermaids in the mountains, and she asks if you can help her out.

Head south from the Hamamatsucho Leyline, under the bridge, into the cave to find The Cursed Mermaids quest.

Where to find The Cursed Mermaids

You’ll need to complete the “Lay of the Land” main story quest to gain access to this area.

When you have done the story quest “Lay of the Land”, hug the left wall, and head south. This path splits into two about halfway down, the left path (looking at the map) is where you’ll find the cursed mermaids. It’s worth noting that there is a Demon Statue on the right path which will give all your demons a level. When you reach the bottom of the left path, you’ll get a short scene. It appears that there is a Pazuzu in your way, and you’ll have to defeat it.

Recommended Party

Icon Name
Angel_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Angel
Mermaid_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Mermaid
Apsaras_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Apsaras

After the scene with Pazuzu, you’ll have to battle him. This can be a tough fight if you’re not prepared. A party of Mermaid and Apsaras is recommended because they can both use Ice skills, and they don’t have any weakness that Pazuzu can exploit. For the last member, bring along a healer. Angel is recommended because he has access to a group wide heal in Humble Blessing, but be warned that if he isn’t guarding against a Mudo attack, he’ll most likely die as he’s weak to Dark.

Start the battle by using the Magatsuhi skill Omagatoki Critical if it’s available, if not, use it when you start a new turn. With Nahobino, use either Bufu if you have it or Aramasa. Mermaid should be using her unique skill “Stormcaller Song” as this can do up to 6 weak Ice attacks. For Apsaras, cast Bufu, and finally, for Angel, cast Hama when he isn’t healing.

Pazuzu will most likely cast either Mazan, which is a weak group force attack or Mudo, a weak Dark attack, so make sure to have Angel guarding on his last turn. All in all, the most damaging attack you’ll have to deal with is Mazan, especially if the boss has used its Magatsuhi as this will make every hit CRIT, but this can be fixed by using Angel’s Humble Blessing in the following turn.

With Pazuzu down, you’ll find out that it didn’t remove the mermaid’s curse. It’s best to let the Mermaid know about it. Teleport back to the Hamamatsucho Leyline, and head south, back to the cave and talk to the Mermaid. She thanks you for trying, and tells you the curse must be able to be lifted somehow, and the quest will end. It’s worth noting that if you speak to her again, you’ll get the follow-up quest “The Demon of the Spring”.


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