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Shin Megami Tensei V

Talisman Hunt

Matt Chard

Talisman Hunt is a Subquest in Shin Megami Tensei V. Most Subquests will reward you with a large amount of experience, some Macca, and then you’ll receive an item of sorts. Most of the time, it’ll be a Talisman which allows you to have access to the different Magatsuhi skills in the game.

Shiki-Ouji wants you to find his lost Talismans.

Recommended Level Location Rewards
17+ Shiki-Ouji, southeast of the Nagatacho Leyline. Brute Talisman

Find 3 Shikigami Talismans for Shiki-Ouji.

How to start Talisman Hunt

In order to start this Subquest, teleport to the Nagatacho Leyline, and head southeast, down the sand slope to where you’ll find him waiting at the back. It seems that he wants you to collect 3 Talismans which are scattered around the area.

Talisman Hunt can be accepted by speaking to the Shiki-Ouji southeast of the Nagatacho Leyline.

Where to find the Talismans in Talisman Hunt

All the Talismans are near the Kamiyacho Leyline.

For this quest, you’ll need to find three Talismans. The first can be found west of the Kamiyacho Leyline. Teleport there, and head west until you see the Tsuchigamo’s, then head south over the sand hill, and drop. Walk to the end, and you’ll see the first Talisman in the southeastern corner.

For the second Talisman, it can be found north of the Kamiyacho Leyline. Use your Return Pillar back to the Kamiyacho Leyline, and head north. Hug the left building, and about halfway you’ll be able to go through it to the west. When you’re out on the other side, immediately turn south, and you’ll see a set of stairs. Climb the stairs to the top, and the second Talisman will be straight in front of you, to your left.

Just one more Talisman to go! Once again, use your Return Pillar to go back to the Kamiyacho Leyline, but this time head follow the path all the way east until you get to a fork, take the eastern path, and the last Talisman will be on your left. Finally, head back to the Nagatacho Leyline, and southeast to the Shiki-Ouji to turn the quest in for your reward. When you turn in the Talismans, it’ll restore the Shiki-Ouji’s power which naturally leads to a boss fight with him.

Recommended Party

Icon Name
Angel_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Angel
Aitvaras_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Aitvaras
Apsaras_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png Apsaras

This can be a tough fight depending on your party. Shiki-Ouji resists Physical, Light, and Dark, but is weak to Fire and Force. For your party, bring along Angel or Leanan Sidhe for healing, but make sure to guard on their last turn. Aitvaras for his Fire attack skills, especially Mirage Shot. And Apsaras for her Mazan at level 17. Like most fights, start the battle with the Magatsuhi skill Omagatoki Critical, then pummel him with either Fire or Force skills.

This should take a large chunk of his health. Make sure to finish your turn with Angel/Leanan Sidhe with a guard. When Shiki-Ouji’s turn comes around, he’ll either buff his attack, or cast Mudo/Hama and exploit your party’s weakness with them. Aitvaras’ Mirage Shot should put Mirage on him which can make his attacks miss, which is really helpful. Heal up if needed, then hit him again with all your Fire, and Force skills. If you don’t have either of them on your Nahobino, then either use shards/gems or Zio. After a few turns, he’ll go down.

When the battle finishes, speak to him again to finish the quest properly this time.


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