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Shin Megami Tensei V

Tokyo (3)

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a walkthrough for Tokyo of Shin Megami Tensei V, the return here after completing the Shinagawa region. How to complete every objective and learn about the state of things.

You will learn about your next task while in Tokyo

After defeating Lahmu, you will be asked to report back to headquarters in Tokyo (not the Diet Building). Go to the Medical Research Lab, then head upstairs, where a scene will play out. You will also get some more backstory here, which is very interesting. With Koshimizu finishing his story, exit the Medical Lab and make your way back to the dorm. You are free to speak to the people on the world map, but they don’t really have anything to add. Enter the dorm and you will get another cutscene, then you will be asked a question, with the answer not mattering here.

You will automatically be back at the Research Lab, where you will learn about your new orders. Bethel will be bringing the fight to the demons, but the Japanese branch is being left out of the battle. Of course, Koshimizu decides to go against those orders and send both you and Dazai to join. You will be going through an underground passage near the Diet Building, which will lead you to Chuo City. Feel free to speak with everyone after the meeting, then you can be on your way to the next area. Whenever you reach the terminal on the first floor, Aogami will ask you a question that can determine your alignment, which can affect the ending:

You’re faced with another alignment choice here before leaving

Unlike other Shin Megami Tensei games, you are free to choose your route near the end of your journey, but choosing a route that relates to you answers will cause an end-game Subquest to cost you nothing, otherwise you will have to pay 666,666 Macca to accept it if you’ve chosen a route different to your alignment.

Teleport to the Diet Building now and exit, if you’re ready to continue the story. Upon exiting the building, you should see a NPC to the southeast, so head towards him to see a path going down a slope. Slide down the hill, loot the vending machines, then enter the subway tunnel, which will take you to the new area. You will appear in Ginza, which is one of the areas for the Chiyoda region.

DLC Subquests

If you’ve purchased the DLC from the eShop and haven’t done so yet, the Diet Building is where you find the non-Return of the True Demon DLC quests. To trigger them to appear, go to the lobby, right before you leave for Nagatacho, there will be a female researcher. Speak to her once, then a second time, offering assistance to make the DLC quests appear. All three of them will be in the same room as that researcher, so simply speak to each one to log the quest. Note that one quest should be about your level now, while the other two are much higher and should be saved for later on in the game.

Speak to this NPC and agree to help to unlock the DLC quests

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