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Shin Megami Tensei V

Demon King's Castle - 1st Stratum

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a walkthrough for Demon King’s Castle of Shin Megami Tensei V, taking place in the 1st Stratum area. How to complete every objective and find every chest.

Welcome to the inside of the Demon King’s Castle


Icon Name Lv Weakness
SMT_V_Kaiwan_Icon.jpg Kaiwan 45 Light_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Hanuman_Icon.jpg Hanuman 46 Electric_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Dakini_Icon.jpg Dakini 46 Ics_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png, Light_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Oberon_Icon.jpg Oberon 47 Electric_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Anzu_Icon.jpg Anzu 48 Force_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Orobas_Icon.jpg Orobas 49 Ics_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png
SMT_V_Nue_Icon.jpg Nue 49 Force_Icon_Shin_Megami_Tensei_V.png


Grimoire x2
Chakra Drop x4
Dispel Charm
Yurlungur’s Essence
30,000 Macca
Magic Mirror
Light Gem x3
Cu Chulainn’s Essence
Phys Dampener x2
Amrita Shower

The Demon King’s Castle is not like the other areas of the game you’ve encountered thus far, as you won’t find any Abscesses, Mimans, Amalgams, or Demon Statues. It’s nothing more than a straight up dungeon, complete with normal enemies, items to find in Treasure Boxes, and a few bosses. To enter the Demon King’s Castle, head to where you fought Ishtar and move to the beam shooting out of the hole in the ground, where you should see a prompt.

(1 of 2) Go to where you fought Ishtar to find the entrance to the castle

Go to where you fought Ishtar to find the entrance to the castle (left), It’s a good idea to recruit any new demons inside, even if used for fusion fodder (right)

As soon as you enter the castle, there will be a short scene, then you can begin exploring it. Move to the leyline fount and touch it to register the Castle: 1st Stratum Hall Leyline. Head on over to the southwestern corner of this first room to find a Treasure Box, which contains Grimoire x2. Return to the main portion and venture northwest, following the path there until you see a demon running around the pillar. Continue past it and there will be a door to pass through at the end, leading to another room. In the southwest corner of this room will be another Treasure Box, with this one holding Chakra Drop x4.

There’s nothing else on this floor, so climb the stairs to the north and follow the path to the east, where there will be more stairs waiting for you. On this level, jump over the gaps to reach the western side, with there being a Treasure Box in the corner (Dispel Charm). Double back to the eastern side and head through the door, down the corridor, and into the next area. This portion of the 1st Stratum will introduce one of the main mechanics of the Demon King’s Castle, wall panels that shoot out a gust of wind at set intervals. The first one will be at the end of the hall here, and you should see the panel there glowing red every once in a while.

That is when the wind will be blowing, so you need to not be standing in front of it. The Power right next to it will tell you about the panels, but it’s not exactly difficult to know what to do. Move past the first Wind Panel and just beyond it, drop down to find a Treasure Box being guarded by a Nue (Yurlungur’s Essence). Climb the stairs back to where you were, then head south a little bit to find another pit area with a lot more Nue, as well as three more Treasure Boxes. Clear the area, if you want, then loot the treasures for 30,000 Macca, a Magic Mirror and Light Gem x3.

Once you’re done down here, climb back up to the previous spot and find the path leading to the stairs, taking you to the upper level. Here, you will need to time your movements past a bunch of Wind Panels, which will attempt to blow you off and into the area with the Nues below. Upon successfully avoiding the Wind Panels, jump over to the Angel NPC, then exit through the door. In a little alcove, on these stairs, you will find the Castle: 1st Stratum Stairs Leyline. The next section is laid out like a little maze, but most of the paths lead to a dead end in the lower portions.

(1 of 2) The circle here will introduce you to a gimmick that is present throughout the entire castle

The circle here will introduce you to a gimmick that is present throughout the entire castle (left), The wind produced by the panels will blow you in the direction they are facing (right)

Start by going straight east, to the end, then south to find a set of stairs. These will bring you to the second level, where you want to ignore the second set leading back down to the base level. Continue south, then west, until you can find the path heading north on the western side. Eventually, you will reach some platforms you have to jump to, then you will find the stairs to the upper level, where you will be doing more jumping. To the north, there will be one more Treasure Box, so hop over the gaps to reach it, which will contain a Cu Chulainn’s Essence. Navigate your way back to the central platform, then make your way to the south, and the door leading to the next section.

There will be another pit with a bunch of Nue demons here, so either clear them out or evade them while grabbing the two Treasure Boxes, for Phys Dampener x2 and an Amrita Shower. Locate the stairs, then follow the path around, noting that there will be Wind Panels as you continue along. These ones will be staggered, so your timing to get past them might need to be a little more exact. On the upper level, some of the sets of panels will alternate, then there will be one that is staggered. Once you get past all of the Wind Panels, you will find the door leading to the 2nd Stratum.

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