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Stealth Inc
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 23-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 09:47 GMT

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Last updated 6 months ago · Guide Information
Sector 2 - Technical Damage

Chamber 7 - Short-Term Strategy

S-Rank Targets

**Time** **Deaths** **Spotted**
45 seconds 0 0

Step 1

Drop down to the lower floor, then flick the switch to your left when the robot walks in between the '1' and the '2' on the walls in the middle of the room. This will raise a platform and the robot will activate a ceiling switch.

Step 2

Just as it turns around to face the right-side of the screen, quickly start jumping up the ledges above you and then hack the terminal (it’s easy to get caught here if you’re too slow with the jumps between ledges).

Step 3

Drop down as the robot is looking away and then hit the switch as the robot is walking to the right . This will lower the platform and you’ll save a load of time as the robot will now walk towards the closed gate on the right. Immediately re-flick the switch and raise the central platform again.

Step 4

Now for the really tricky part; you need to jump over the robot’s head as it’s still walking towards the central pillar . If you leave it too long, it’ll turn around and catch you in its sights. You also need to jump up the ledges really quickly too (otherwise, again, you’ll most likely get spotted).

Version Difference Note: Standing up on the central pillar will get you spotted on the PC version (unlike the PS3/Vita versions where the Robot won’t see you). This makes it a bit easier to achieve on the PS3/Vita versions. ****

Step 5

Hit the switch as the robot is walking to the right and once it reaches the right barrier, press the switch again to lock it in place. Now you need to jump up onto the middle pillar and hit the switch in the roof to allow the robot out to the other side.

Step 6

Run to the far left switch, hit it to lower the central and far-left platforms and then when the robot reaches the far-right corner of the room, hit it again to raise them and this’ll trap the robot in one place. This will open up the barriers leading to the exit, however, there’s a [Helix] near the exit that should be collected before you open the door.


It’s now a simple case of dropping down and hack the terminal and then jumping up towards the exit.

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Guide Information

  • Publisher
    Curve Digital
  • Platforms
    PC, PS3, PS4, 360
  • Genre
    Stealth, Platformer
  • Guide Release
    23 July 2013
  • Last Updated
    12 February 2019
  • Guide Author
    Andrew Mills

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