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Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 23-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-12-2019 / 11:48 GMT

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Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Guide

1 month ago · Guide Information

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Sector 3 - Security Crackdown

Chamber 8 - Terminal Patience

S-Rank Targets

**Time** **Deaths** **Spotted**
55 seconds 0 3

Warning! This level can be exceptionally difficult to get an S-Rank on due to the fact that you can only be spotted 3 times and it’s very easy to be spotted a fourth time (such as when you’re jumping over the top of the boss for the first time).

Step 1

Hitch a ride on the lift to your left by standing in the far-left sensor beam and this’ll take you to the top, dropping down the walking robot (who’s thankfully looking the other way). Wait for it to keep moving right and then jump over it to the platform above.

Step 2

S-Rank Tricky Part Time: This next bit can be very difficult to pull off consistently; so bear that in mind if you’re gunning for that S-Rank.

You need to jump over the gap to the other side, right over the boss’ head, without alerting the boss . It is possible, but really difficult to do. And if it spots you here, you’re pretty much done for as you’ll most likely be spotted a further three times before finishing the level (taking you over the three maximum for the S-Rank).

Once you’ve made across without alerting the boss, stand in the sensor to raise the platform near the terminal and extend the platform out, over the boss’ head.

Step 3

As soon as the robot is walking over the top of the boss, jump back over to the other side and this’ll pull the robot across and as the robot is walking in the sensor, it’ll raise the platform, granting access to the terminal below. You will be spotted as you’re hacking the terminal (unless you’re unbelievably lucky), so that’s one of your three spots gone.

Step 4

With the terminal hacked, drop down, get back onto the lift on the left and ride it all the way to the top again. Cross back over the boss when the platform has been extended by the robot and then be careful when jumping over it into the area below you with the next sensor beam.

Step 5

You need to stand in the sensor long enough so that the robot above is walking over the yellow and black striped trap doors. However, the boss will be taking aim at you as well, (so it’s recommended that you hang off the ledge as it’ll give up looking quickly). Once the robot is overhead, run right and this’ll drop the robot down to where you where standing.

Step 6

Stay out of sight on the right-side until the robot passes over the next single trap door then, quickly, jump back up to the sensor and briefly stand in it so the robot falls down through the trap door to the ground floor below. Now get out of there before the boss kills you!

Step 7

See that sensor beam? It moves right to left and back again constantly and it controls the platforms above the terminal to keep the boss from seeing you. So you need to get it to 'attach' onto the robot as it walks.

To do this, stand on the floor switch as the beam begins to move from right to left. This’ll hold it in place, so you’ll need to step off of it as the robot passes through it and is also walking right to left . This will cause the sensor to follow the robot at the same speed. You now need to get behind the robot, hack the panel and you can escape through the exit. If you need the [Helix] still, then say bye-bye S-Rank and follow our steps below.


Video Guide (With Audio Commentary)


Guide Information

  • Publisher
    Curve Digital
  • Platforms
    PC, PS3, PS4, 360
  • Genre
    Stealth, Platformer
  • Guide Release
    23 July 2013
  • Last Updated
    1 November 2019
  • Guide Author
    Andrew Mills

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