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Speak with Constable Aidan to obtain the quest “ Law and Order “. From here head west to a Suspicious Character. Follow him around and kill the 5 groups of Hired Goons until you receive the quest update. One of the Hired Goon Leaders drops the Lorekeeper’s Robe . Return to Aidan for the quest update then return to the house and kill the Shady Character to get the Smuggler’s Key . Enter the cove and check the toy box for the Toy Chariot . In the next area check the chest then the pile of books for the Dispel Trap Plans .

The crate has Locksmith’s Tools , take them and check the Smuggler’s Caches to find Trickster’s Gloves, Feet of the Nimble , and various gems to go along with some sovereigns. Report to Aidan who is pleased of your work.

From the merchant area head west to a locked chest then go north to Mervis for a quest update on “The Righteous Path”. Master Henley has a few things of choice in his inventory if you so choose to purchase.

You can pay the Dark Wolf 50 sovereigns to help you out with this quest.

Henley’s Apothecary

Item Price
Injury Kit Recipe 4g 46s 40c
Greater Health Poultice Recipe 4g 44s 00c
Lesser Nature Salve Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Lesser Warmth Balm Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Lesser Ice Salve Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Lesser Elixir of Grounding Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Swift Salve Recipe 2g 68s 80c
Lyrium Potion Recipe 0g 90s 00c
Lesser Stamina Draught Recipe 0g 06s 00c
Flawless Ruby 28g 80s 00c
Manual: Keeper 12g 00s 00c

Go left and north to find a wooden crate then go to the Merchant’s Guild Board. Accept the quests “ The Merchant’s Goods “, “ Maferath’s Monuments “, “ Ser Alvard’s Missing Sword “, and “ Keep Out of Reach of Children “. Turn south and begin grabbing the poison from Hemley’s and Glassric’s tables. East from him is another bottle near some Commoners. Head north of the Guild Board up the stairs to grab the poison then check the two chests nearby for Wool Padding. Speak with the nearby Suspicious Guard for interesting conversation.

He is the Dark Wolf, and if you wish you may pay him 50 sovereigns for his help. Go south then enter The Crown and Lion. Next to the door is the Blight Orfans Notis Bord which gives the quest “ The Blight Orphans? “ and next to it he Blight Orfans Donashun Tin which you can generously give 50 silver to complete the quest. Enter the southern room and check the crate for Mackay’s Epic Single Malt and loot the Oil . The Innkeeper will give you Kristoff’s key and some information on his where-abouts.

Kill the Shady Character outside this house for the Key. Head inside and unlock the trapdoor leading to the den.

Under The Bar

Item Price
Acidic Grease Trap Plans 9g 46s 00c
Intensifying Rune Tracing 8g 19s 50c
Choking Powder Cloud Trap Plans 7g 97s 50c
Shock Coating Recipe 4g 88s 40c
Flaming Coating Recipe 4g 88s 40c
Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 4g 13s 60c
Poisoned Caltrop Trap Plans 3g 16s 80c
Concentrated Crow Poison Recipe 2g 50s 80c
Interesting Lure Trap Plans 1g 76s 00c
Items Cont Price
Voice of Velvet 174g 51s 50c
Thorn of the Dead Gods 4g 45s 50c
Misery 9g 30s 51c
Mage’s Eye 3g 76s 13c
Bow of the Golden Sun 2g 69s 44c
Armsman’s Tensioner 5g 61s 00c
Fingers of the Nimble 77g 98s 84c
Fleet Feet 40g 16s 62c
Shadow of the Empire 15g 29s 00c

Proceed up the stairs and check the book for Codex 101: The Crown and the Lion then check the chest at the north. The northwest room has a locked chest and pile of books, which holds an Elemental Grenade Recipe and Elemental Poison Recipe . Use the key to enter Kristoff’s room, check both chests then the book for Kristoff’s Mementos, Spirit Cord, A Letter From Aura (which is also Codex 258: A Letter From Aura ), and Codex 243: Kristoff’s Journal . The Map of Fereldan updates the quest “Shadows of the Blackmarsh”. Leave and talk to Namaya to get the companion quest “ Freedom For Anders “. The Dark Wolf should be back outside, speak with him for a quest update. Head over to the set of stairs but instead take the Stairs to Battlements. Loot the two wooden crates then head back down.

Head over to the Marketplace Handbills where you can start a dialogue with Oghren. Head up the steps and examine the statue then loot the Potted Plant. If Wynne was alive at the end of Origins then she will be nearby, speak with her for the quest “ Ines the Botanist “ and then she will take off. Check the Chanter’s Board to gain four more quests: “ From the Living Wood “, “ Preying on the Weak “, “ Out of Control “, and “ A Donation of Injury Kits “. You could turn in the last one if you have the kits, if not enter the Chantry regardless. Near the doorway is the Lost and Found which contains a Knitted Scarf . Talk to Ser Rylien to find out what’s going on with maleficarum in town.

There are plenty of side quests here for you to acquire.

Check the chest on the left and speak with Alma to get the quest “ Til Death Do Us Part “. Check the south section out; loot the armoire then a bookshelf for Codex 059: Pilgrims and Amaranthine. There are books holding a Blank Journal and a chest in the northern sector. Leave the Chantry and head south past the Crown and Lion. In the corner against the steps is a chest. Loot it then head over towards the merchants in the west to trigger a conversation with Delilah and finish Nathaniel’s quest.

Attack the nearby Rambling Elf, head back towards the middle to find another maleficarum in disguise. Proceed south into the common area to find some Thugs. Dispatch them and go west killing the rest of the enemies. At the entrance of Amaranthine is the last group of Thugs. Turn in your quests to Kendrick and head up the stairs, slay the Mumbling Man. In the corner near Glassric is where the Apostate Mage is hiding. Kill and loot him for decent money. The Abandoned Warehouse around the corner is the next stop.

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