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Ancient Boots Girdle of Kal’Hirol
Battlemage’s Cinch Gravity Trap Plans
Breastplate of Hirol’s Defense Greater Stamina Draught Recipe
Broken Sword Greaves of Hirol’s Defense
Carved Greenstone Heirsplitter
Cracked Breastplate Helm of Hirol’s Defense
Engraved Silver Bracers Inferno Golem Shell
Golem Control Rod Kallak
Elemental Rune Tracing Lyrium Ring
Gauntlets of Hirol’s Defense Lyrium Sand
Items Cont Items Cont
Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Flame Rune Paragon Stout Rune Tracing
Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing Partha
Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing Rashvine
Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing Salvaged Trade Goods
Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing Shattered Maul
Nature’s Blessing Staff of Vigor
Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing Staff of the Lost
Paragon Flame Rune Tracing Valos Atredum
Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing Whetstone
168 The Fortress of Kal’Hirol
229 Dailan’s Journal
272 A Scout’s Report

Head to Old Stark’s Farm first where you start out in combat. Take out the conspirators, loot them, and then make your way to Vigil Keep. You might get an encounter along the way for the quest “ Trade Must Flow “. Speak to whomever you saved at the Keep then talk to the Private, accept “ Salvage Operation “. Head over to Anselm’s Reef and take out the Scavengers. Loot all the Salvaged Trade Goods and then go to Knotwood Hills. Defeat the Bereskarn and take the high path. Loot the Rashvine and kill the Hangman. Read the note if you want, then return to the lower path.

You can collect these two things to begin new quests.

Cross the bridge and loot the Madcap then the chest for Hirol’s Lava Burst and a Discarded Letter which grants the quest “ The Long-Buried Past “ and Codex 329: Darran Lyle’s Missive . Grab the other Madcap and descend the stairs; at the bottom Deep Stalkers attack. Kill them and head south to a bag that holds Micah’s Lucky Deer Foot , an item that starts the quest “ Lucky Charms “. Go all the way north to a scene, save Sigrun and you can ask her to join the party. Sort yourself out and be ready for a long trek; enter Kal’Hirol.

Kal Hirol

Move forward to the View of Kal Hirol and take the ramp down. Listen to Jukka’s speech then continue down the path. Slay the Darkspawn that hinder your progress and get to the western corner. Loot the crate then cross the bridge to the north to meet more Deep Stalkers. Check the vase and ancient dwarven crate for Ancient Boots then make your way to the top. Kill the Darkspawn that attack and look to the right of the opening for a crate containing a Whetstone . Enter the northern area and defeat the new breed of Darkspawn, the Childer Grub; loot the darkspawn corpses and vases. If you brought Sigrun along she should have mentioned a secret entrance. On the west side you will see the Hidden Switch in the statue’s mouth which opens the door. Whichever way you can, enter the Main Hall.

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