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Enjoy the cutscene then join the Legionnaires in battle. Be sure to heal them as they lose health since they prove helpful. You will eventually make your way forward defeating the Archers and the Ogre. Return to the Legionnaires and check the statue for Codex 148: Orzammar History - Chapter Two then speak with Kardol for some information. On the other side of the bridge is a runestone for Codex 146: Stalata Negat . A Fractured Stone and broken chest are also found in the nearby area.

To the north is a Fractured Stone and a way inside. The path leads to yet another Fractured Stone and more Darkspawn. The archers will fall back to the group inside so fall back and let them come to you once you gain their attention. Open the metal door to the north and kill the enemies inside. Loot the five sarcophagi, one of which holds the Boots of the Legion , and the runestone is a codex update. Back in the previous area is a Fractured Stone to the left. Head south through the metal door but beware of the Pressure Plate trap that the Darkspawn have set up.

Two sarcophagi are on the left; one holds the Gloves of the Legion , turn the corner to find two more. Enter the cave area and turn right to find a Fractured Stone. Go south, killing the Darkspawn and Corrupted Spiders, till you face the Ancient Darkspawn. Loot it for the Topsider’s Blade then check the Fractured Stone in the corner. Follow the path till you reach an open area, then head south destroying all the Darkspawn led by the Genlock Forge Master. The Forge Master drops the Forge Master’s Hammer and Spear-Thrower , both are decent weapons. Loot the chest, broken crate, and Fractured Stone behind the corpses.

The Legion Armor Set is amazing and incredibly powerful for warriors. Search thoroughly.

The room to the right holds three sarcophagi with nothing of great importance. Head north and cross the bridge, Shriek ambush you from both sides. Proceed through the metal door, the runestone to the right is another codex update. The next large room is home to several Skeletons and a Hurlock emissary. The lone sarcophagus contains the Armor of the Legion . Exit at the north east and grab the Fractured Stone and two sarcophagi. Follow the path to a fork, go north at it.

Defeat the Genlock Emissaries and Corrupted Spiders then loot the Fractured Stone and two chests. Take the other path and loot the Fleshy Sack as you pass. Check the Fractured Stone then speak with Hespith. After her creepy tales of Branka, leave the room and check the Fractured Stone in the corner. Further ahead are two Ogres, along the bridge is rubble for Codex 240: Load Limit Reached . Check the Fractured Stone in the corner and open the door. Approach the Legionnaire Altar and take the Helm of the Legion and the Legionnaire Key. The quest “ The Dead Caste “ should now be started.

Defeat the Legion Spirits and have someone equip all pieces of the Legion to include the Helm and Shield. Touch the Legion of the Dead Relic to summon the Gangue Shade . You can now open the Ominous Door in the previous area. Loot the Fleshy Sack and check the runestone for another codex update. Continue along to a sarcophagus that holds the Dead Caste Insignia . A Fractured Stone and two more Fleshy Sacks are down the path. Continue till a cutscene occurs.

Find the Armor. Further on, you will enter the room with the Altar and the Insignia.


Drops: Effort (Silverite), Ring of Selection

This battle is dependent on you staying back and attacking the Broodmother tentacles. When she summons the Darkspawn, switch to them immediately as they can and will build up. It becomes quite a simple battle once you take down some tentacles and get lots of time to just wail on Broodmother. Her Spit can be dangerous but other than that not too much to worry about. The tentacles can be frozen and stunned so take advantage of that, Blizzard works wonders!

With that out of the way, head to the Anvil of the Void.

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