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Ancient Elven Gloves Lifedrinker
Ancient Encrypted Scrolls Main Hall Key
Armor of Diligence Pinch of Sacred Ash
Belt of the Magister Lords Scroll of Banastor x2
Black Pearl Sealed Letter
Chasind Sack Mead South-East Chamber Key
Discovering Dragon’s Blood: Potions, Tinctures and Spicy Sauces Spellweaver
Dragon Scale Stone Warrior Statuette
Drake Scale Taper
Faith’s Edge Golden Demon Pendant
Kolgrim’s Horn
045 The Life Drinker
124 The Frostback Mountains
132 The Old Gods
196 The Holy Brazier
213 The First Blight: Chapter 3
215 The Maker’s First Children
221 The Sermons of Divine Renata I
319 Unbound

After Genitivi opens the door, head up and through the passageway to the left. Loot the Adventurer for Codex 319: Unbound then enter the room. Kill the Cultist and examine the cabinet for a Taper and the bookshelf for a rare gift. Head to the far eastern room to find a scroll pile that starts the quest “ Forgotten Verses “. The book is Codex 132: The Old Gods , the Ancient Texts adds another Scroll of Banastor(3) , and there is a locked chest around the bookshelves. Return to the main area and head up the stairs, fighting off the attacking Cultist Archers and Reavers. Head through the left door at the top.

Here you meet a Bronto, that while large in appearance, is actually a big stunnable baby. Continue down the hall and disarm the Tripwire before engaging the Cultists. The first room yields two wooden crates and Ancient Texts for Scroll of Banastor(4) . Down and to the left are more Cultists and a book for Codex 221: The Sermons of Divine Renata I and some dusty scrolls that have a rare gift. Beyond the door is an ornate chest holding the Black Pearl and more importantly the South-East Chamber Key . In the southern quarters you will find another locked chest, loot it and return the main hall.

Find the Adventurer and examine the corpse for an update to “Unbound”. Further in is a scroll pile which begins “Forgotten Verses”.

Enter the eastern door and loot the Fallen Knight for a rare armor set, Armor of Diligence . Return to the south-eastern area where you can now open the door and find three chests, one of which contains the Main Hall Key . Open the middle door at the top of the stairs and prepare for an ambush. Defeat the attackers and light the brazier to open the next door. This room is loaded with traps so be sure to dismiss them as you destroy your enemies. In the next room you can be sandwiched, but fortunately you can shut the doors and take out one side at a time. Loot the iron chest and head down the east path first.

Continue down this path defeating the Cultists until you reach the corner room with a vase. At the top of the stairs are three more Cultists with a tripwire placed before them. Turn around and head to the middle area again this time going the opposite way. Fight your way to a room where four chests reside; the one that is locked is the only safe one to open as the others spawn Ash Wraiths. Continue until you reach the Wyrmling Lair.

Search for these two chests for the relevant keys.

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