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Item List Items Cont
Ancient Elven Helm Figurine
Andraste’s Grace Folded Missive
Athras’s Pendant Grand Oak Acorn
Black Hand Gauntlets Halla Antlers
Dalish Gloves Halla Horn
Deygan’s Boots Ironbark
Deygan’s Dal’Thanu Juggernaut Helm
Dreamsever Juggernaut Plate Boots
Dusk Ring Juggernaut Plate Gloves
Items Cont Items Cont
Love Letter Steel Spiked Collar
Magister’s Cinch The Tale of Iloren
Mythal’s Blessing Varathorn’s Armor
Oak Branch Wolf-Killer
Onyx Demon Statuette Painted Skyball
Ox Bone Scarf
Silver Cord
Codex Codex Cont
052 Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt 060 Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper
053 Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets 093 Aravels
054 Elgar’nan: God of Vengeance 095 The Long Walk
056 Fen’Harel: the Dread Wolf 097 Vallaslin: Blood Writing
057 Ghilan’nain: Mother of the Halla 155 Legend of the Juggernaut
058 June: God of the Craft 205 The Tale of Iloren
059 Mythal: the Great Protector 321 By Order of Emer Thorogood

After the opening with Zathrian you will notice that you are in the middle of the camp surrounded by numerous things. Start by going west and examing Andruil for Codex 052: Anruil - Goddess of the Hunt and Sylaise for Codex 060: Sylaise - The Hearthkeeper . Speak with Varathorn to get the quest “ Rare Ironbark “ then check the pile of scrolls for Codex 095: The Long Walk and Codex 053: Dirthamen - Keeper of Secrets . Around his shop is a wooden crate, barrel and a chest. Slightly north is a locked chest containing another Love Letter(8) . South from there is the Eldest of the Sun for Codex 054: Elgar’nan - God of Vengeance .

Head out west to the Deathroot and then back east to find two Elfroots . Examine the Colored Ink neared Athras for Codex 097: Vallaslin - Blood Writing then speak with Athras. He should give you the quest “ Lost to the Curse “; check the wooden crate then God of the Craft for Codex 058: June - God of the Craft . More to the north you can find Cammen who gives the quest “ Cammen’s Lament “. Head over and talk with Gheyna. Persuade her twice to finish the quest and receive Codex 205: The Tale of Iloren and the actual book The Tale of Iloren .

Pick up a few quests here by talking to the residents of the camp.

Head east and examine Fen’harel for Codex 056: Fen’harel - The Dread Wolf , then loot the two Elfroot . Head back west and loot the pile of sacks then go north from there to find a chest. Continue west and examine Ghilan’nain for Codex 057: Ghilan’nain - Mother of the Halla then speak with Elora. You can lie to her if you have high persuasion and she will kill the Halla and give you the Halla Antlers which you can take to Varathorn and he’ll make you a Halla Horn pendant. If your Survival skill is at Improved or higher than you can complete the quest “ Elora’s Halla “ by calming the Halla. Around the fence line are an Elfroot and Deathroot . If you speak with Lanaya you can gain Codex 112: Arlathan - Part One . When you are ready enter the Brecilian Forest to the east.

Varathorn’s Goods

Item Price
Acidic Grease Trap Plans 10g 32s 00c
Greater Spirit Balm Recipe 9g 66s 00c
Potent Health Poultice Recipe 8g 58s 00c
Greater Nature Salve Recipe 8g 46s 00c
Soulrot Coating Recipe 6g 28s 80c
Large Grease Trap Plans 5g 37s 60c
Acidic Coating Recipe 5g 32s 80c
Greater Health Poultice Recipe 4g 44s 00c
Lesser Spirit Balm Recipe 3g 40s 80c
Lesser Nature Salve Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Soulrot Trap Plans 2g 01s 60c
Item Cont Price
Acidic Trap Plans 1g 53s 60c
Soulrot Bomb Recipe 1g 47s 60c
Small Grease Trap Plans 1g 15s 20c
Acid Flask Recipe 1g 11s 60c
Health Poultice Recipe 0g 79s 20c
Tome of Skill and Sundry 12g 00s 00c
Tome of the Mortal Vessel 12g 00s 00c
The Dark Moon 14g 14s 80c
Armsman’s Tensioner 6g 12s 00c
Backpack 6g 00s 00c
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You are a Grey Warden, last of a group of highly-skilled warriors tasked to defeat the Archdemon and stop the Blight from spreading across the land. The Grey Wardens are the only ones capable of defeating the Archdemon and sending the Darkspawn back to the pits whence they came. Accrue a squad of highly memorable characters, each with their own personalities and skills, to help you in your task and save Fereldan before it is too late.

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