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Back Alley

On your way there you should run into the White Falcons again. Sergeant Kylon should be here to aid you and you will automatically turn the quest in as he returns to the Market District. Cristof drops the unique Aodh. Be sure to acquire it from his dead body.

Dirty Back Alley

In the Dirty Back Alley is a Gang Leader and his thugs. Defeat them and speak with Tania; give her the letter. At the top of the stairs is another Door of a Blood Mage’s Relative. The door to the Quaint Hovel can’t be opened now so head to the Dark Alley.

Kill the Gang Leaders in the Alleys and then approach the Door of a Blood Mage’s Relative in each Alley to update the quest.

Dark Alley

Another Gang Leader and his thugs await you in the Dark Alley. Defeat them and open the wooden crate and chest then examine the last Door of Blood Mage’s Relative. Speak to the Hooded Courier and leave to the Rundown Back Street.

Rundown Back Street

The last Gang Leader and thugs are here so defeat them to finish the quest. There are two wooden crates and a chest nearby. Be sure to loot Ser Friden as well to acquire the quest “ The Last Request “. Speak with the Hooded Courier in the corner then enter the Dirty Hovel.

Dirty Hovel

Loot Friden for his Journal for another quest. In the Hovel talk to the Deserter and kill him.

Speak with Layson the Deserter and defeat him and his band of thugs. There is a chest on the other side of the wall. Head to the Deserted Building on the City Map.

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