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Item List Items Cont
Aeducan Thaig Map Dace Signet Ring
Ageless Frostshear
Bag of Limbs Gloves of Diligence
Baizyl’s Love Letters Guild Supplies
Black Runestone Love Letter
Blood Ring Myaja’s Key
Box o’ Nugs The Search for the True Prophet
Champion’s Shield Thorn of the Dead Gods

You should get taken back to camp where you are ambushed by a group of Shriek. Kill them and leave camp going to Frostback Mountains. Run up the path looting the Deathroot to the right as you go. Kill the Bounty Hunters that attack you and make your way into the camp. Head to west side first and speak with Starrick the Apprentice to complete “Notice of Termination”. On the east side is a barrel and Tornas the Deserter who, upon killing and looting, completes the quest “Dereliction of Duty”. Approach the large door at the north and help settle the quarrel.

Codex Codex Cont
040 Blood Rin 145 Dwarven Faith
135 The Castes 171 King Endrin Aeducan
136 Life in Orzammar 216 The Legion of Steel
137 Deep Roads 219 In Praise of the Humble Nug
138 The City of Orzammar 220 Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs
139 Cut to Kal Sharok 229 A Letter from King Endrin
140 Legion of the Dead 305 The Key to the City
141 House Aeducan, Shield of Orzammar 306 The Shaper’s Life
142 The Paragons 318 Asunder
143 Orzammar Politics 320 Caged in Stone
144 The Proving

Remember to talk to the NPCs outside to complete a few quests.


Item Price
Large Grease Trap Plans 5g 37s 60c
Greater Lyrium Potion Recipe 4g 65s 60c
Fleshrot 4g 51s 20c
Lesser Ice Salve Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Swift Salve Recipe 2g 68s 80c
Soulrot Trap Plans 2g 01s 60c
Small Grease Trap Plans 1g 15s 20c
Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe 0g 82s 80c
Chevalier’s Gloves 5g 40s 00c
Knight Commander’s Plate 27g 42s 00c
Lord’s Hunting Jabot 3g 03s 60c
Throwback Harness 1g 68s 00c
Dwarven Smith’s Belt 0g 63s 00c
Grandmaster Silverite Rune 11g 40s 00c
Remarkable Topaz 2g 40s 00c
Portrait of a Goosegirl 0g 13s 20c

Once inside examine any of the paragons for Codex 142: The Paragons . The Commission Report at the end of the hall gives Codex 305: The Key to the City . Enter Orzammar and a cutscene ensues. Examine the Floor Carving after for Codex 138: The City of Orzammar then speak with the Captain of the Guard to gain two quests: “ Vartag Gavorn “ and “ Dulin Forender “. Head east and enter Janar Armorers. Check the Wall Carving to the left for Codex 136: Life in Orzammar . Speak with Janar if you want to check his inventory then leave the store.


Item Price
Large Shrapnel Trap Plans 0g 24s 00c
Large Claw Trap Plans 0g 24s 00c
Large Caltrop Trap Plans 0g 12s 00c
Rock-Knocker 11g 35s 00c

Speak to Filda about her son. Ask for a reward, and accept “ A Mother’s Hope “. Continue down and speak with Brother Burkel and tell him you’ll help him to acquire “ The Chant in the Deeps “. Enter the Tapster’s Tavern and speak with the Nervous Adventurer to gain the quest “ Unbound “. Here you can also speak with Oghren who can more than inform you of Branka, the last living Paragon. Head back outside once you are done with Tapsters.

Nugs! Nugs everywhere! You will get paid well for wrangling these Nugs.


Item Price
Interesting Lure Trap Plans 2g 40s 00c
Mild Lure Plans 0g 90s 00c
Tome of the Mortal Vessel 15g 00s 00c
Silverhammer’s Evaders 2g 94s 00c
Shadow of the Empire 20g 85s 00c
Remarkable Sapphire 3g 60s 00c
Golden Symbol of Andraste 0g 18s 00c
Alley King’s Flagon 0g 16s 50c
Silver Demon Head Ring 0g 25s 50c
Gold Earrings 0g 11s 25c

Examine the Wall Carving nearby for Codex 135: The Castes . Legnar sells a few choice pieces of gear typically, but head to the west side of the commons. Speak with Nug Wrangler Boermor to acquire “ A Lost Nug “ quest. Dagna should call you over and request help on studying at the Circle of Magi. Say yes and acquire the quest “ An Unlikely Scholar “. Garin usually sells some good items as well so if you have the gold be sure to pick some up. Head down the steps and grab the Nug and examine the Runestone for Codex 306: The Shaper’s Life . Make your way back the center area and grab another Nug .


Item Price
Tome of Physical Technique 19g 50s 00c
The Rose’s Thorn 148g 52s 50c
Lifegiver 87g 88s 00c
Golden Mirror 0g 13s 00c
Gold Amulet 0g 13s 00c
Gemmed Bracelet 0g 19s 50c

Head down the middle path for a Nug and a Document. Enter the Proving and head through the southern door then examine the Wall Carving for Codex 144: The Proving . Further down is a Writ of Censure , nothing more. Head to the north area where you can speak with a Proving Armsman. Accept his offer until he says you have done well. He will give you the Blood Ring , good for any Blood Mage you might have in your party. Head back to the Commons. There is another Nug behind Brother Burkel and one on the backside of Janar’s. Turn them in to Nug Wrangler Boermor to finish “A Lost Nug”. Enter the Diamond Quarter nearby.

Figor has a good store so it is worth chasing of these thugs for access to it.


Item Price
Greater Health Poultice Recipe 3g 70s 00c
Health Poultice Recipe 0g 66s 00c
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe 0g 66s 00c
Remarkable Emerald 4g 00s 00c

Above you is a Council Writ and down the path is a Weapon Rack. Examine the Wall Carving above the house door for Codex 141: House Aeducan, Shield of Orzammar as you continue. Enter Harrowmont’s Estate and go the far west area to find two chests and a scroll for Codex 229: A Letter From King Endrin . Leave and enter the Royal Palace and go through the right door. Here some Thieves end up in the wrong place. Kill them and head north opening the door to the left. Open the chest for a Love Letter(10) then head across the hall.

Open the two wooden crates] then check the Glass Phylactery to summon a Revenant . Loot it to find it was the Second Corpse Walker, and receive update on the Black Vials. Enter the throne room and examine the throne for Codex 320: Caged in Stone. Choose move freely so you can move your characters individually, then place one on the middle square in the entrance room and two to the southwest on spots that look like arrows pointing outward. If you stood on the spot correctly you will hear a noise like something sliding. With those three in position, use your last character to approach the throne once more. This will summon a Dragon that is fairly easy to defeat, but it drops Ageless , a beast of a two-hand sword.

Unlock the chest in the Shaperate for some good items. Speak to Vartag to begin Bhelen’s side quest upon leaving the Assembly.

Leave the palace and run to the very end and enter the Shaperate. Speak to Shaper Assistant Milldrate to acquire the quest “ Thief in the House of Learning “. Read the book to your left for Codex 216: The Legion of Steel then speak with Orta. Listen to her story to gain the quest “ Lost to the Memories “. Speak with the Shaper and get him to accept Brother Burkel’s plea either through Cunning, Persuasion, or Intimidation and ask him a few more questions to gain some background knowledge on dwarven history.

The book to your left is Codex 137: The Deep Roads , and the first one on the left in library area is Codex 143: Orzammar Politics . To the right is a book for Codex 219: In Praise of the Humble Nug and the one on the other side of the bookshelf is Codex 140: Legion of the Dead . The middle book is Codex 145: Dwarven Faith and the Wall of Memories updates another codex. The last book is Codex 220: Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs , where as the chest holds the Gloves of Diligence and The Search For the True Prophet . Return to Brother Burkel with the good news to finish his quest.

Speak with Vartag in the Chamber of the Assembly and acquire the quest “ A Prince’s Favor: The First Task “. Speak with Lady Dace who says that she cannot change her vote because her father made the deal with Harrowmont. This updates the quest then head back to the commons and enter Tapsters. Lord Helmi is in the back; show him the promissory notes to update the quest. Head past the Diamond Quarter entrance in the commons and speak with the Mines Commander to get past him. The Rune is Codex 139: Cut to Kal Sharok ; enter the Deep Roads and go to Aeducan Thaig.

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The guide has an error. You state to enter the proving (right after entering orzammar) and go through the southern door. Both doors are locked and cannot be opened.

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The guide has an error. You state to enter the proving (right after entering orzammar) and go through the southern door. Both doors are locked and cannot be opened.

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