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Morrigan is the cynical, cold and practical witch. She is also badass so don’t mess with her.

Class : Mage

Specialization : Shapeshifting

Unlock : After Ostagar Morrigan automatically joins

Morrigan is very cynical but also a very powerful mage. She starts with spells in the Entropy school and it’s probably a good idea to work her down that school for a few of the stronger spells. She typically is unhappy with helping others unless it benefits the group making it easy to lose approval rating with her.


Morrigan must be at least friendly in order to start a relationship. Talk to her in camp and she’ll say (only once), “Tis a curious thing. I do not know how to describe it.” Respond with the following dialogue options:

  • “What? Is something wrong?”

  • “Why would I do that?”

  • “Because I need you here.”

  • “I was hoping to be more than friends”

  • Romance initiated
    Another option to start the romance involves getting the Black Grimoire and giving it to her. Speak with her at camp and she will say, “I have a thought.” Respond with the following dialogue options:

  • “Oh? What’s on your mind?”

  • “And? What’s in it for me?”

  • “My tent does get rather cold…”

  • Romance initiated

  • This one can also lead to her asking you if you need a reward, you can pass a persuasion check to have her give you a kiss thus starting the romance.
    Finally, after killing Flemeth and giving Morrigan Flemeth’s Grimoire a conversation will start. Respond as follows:

  • “Flemeth is dead, you are free.”

  • “Yes, but I intend to keep it for myself.”

  • “What? That’s it? Just a thank you?”

  • “What was that last bit again?”
    To get her into your tent you have to be between 50 and 89 approval rating, she will not sleep with you if she is in love. Male characters only.


Morrigan does not have a crisis situation though dropping her approval low enough will result in her leaving.

Personal Quest

Morrigan’s personal quest involves obtaining the Black Grimoire from the Circle Tower. Give it to her to start the quest “ Flemeth’s Grimoire “.


  • Morrigan may teach the Shapeshifting specialization with high enough approval
  • She is a loner and sits by herself at camp
  • Her dialogue is often humorous
  • She plays an important role at the beginning and ending of the game


The Black Grimoire and Flemeth’s Grimoire will start a conversation upon giving them to Morrigan. She is into jewelry and things that give her a good appearance.

Gift Location
Black Grimoire Circle Tower
Flemeth’s Grimoire Flemeth’s Hut
Gold Amulet Orzammar; Garin
Golden Demon Pendant Urn of Sacred Ashes Room
Golden Mirror Orzammar; Garin
Golden Rope Necklace Lothering; Dane’s Refuge
Locket Haven; Store
Silver Brooch Dalish Camp; Varathorn
Silver Chain Circle Tower; Second Floor
Silver Medallion Elven Ruins; Upper Level
Tribal Necklace Tower of Ishal; Top Floor
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