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Blood-Gorged Amulet
Cadash Stompers
Dead Thaig Shanker
Remarkable Ruby

If you have completed a Paragon of Her Kind then enter camp and talk with Shale about his past until he mentions Willhelm and the Deeproads. You should obtain “ A Golem’s Memories “, Shale’s personal quest. Once that is done head to Caridin’s Cross with Shale in your party. Shale should remember something and mark the location of Cadash Thaig on your map.

Head down the path defeating the Darkspawn and Shrieks that attack. Follow the path north checking the rubble as you go. Shale will note that this is Cadash Thaig and that he wants to venture further. Defeat the numerous enemies and check the Strange Crystal Cluster to your right. Up the path to the left is a chest. Further along is a Hurlock Emissary that drops a Blood-Gorged Amulet . There is a chest and pile of junk nearby as well. Cross the bridge and take out the Deep Stalkers and Darkspawn.

To the immediate left is some rubble and the right is a wooden crate. Where the Darkspawn were lies a pile of bones and a pile of junk. Follow the path to another pile of bones and further south and to the east is a chest that, when approached, spawns Deep Stalkers. The southern nook has another pile of bones then continue down the path and fight more Deep Stalkers that spawn on top of you eventually spawning the Deep Stalker Leader. Check out the nearby rubble and fight off the Darkspawn that emerge.

Check the corpse of the Hurlock Emissary for some nice items (left). At the end of everything is the Golem Monument where Shale will explain more about golems.

Head to the western corner and fight off the Alpha Shriek and it’s friends to find a chest] and a pile of bones. Head up the hill north and defeat the Genlock Alpha and its cronies then check the chest to the east. Cross the bridges to reach your destination which is guarded by an Ogre Alpha. Shrieks will come mid-fight so be ready to handle them. The Ogre Alpha drops numerous items but most notably the Cadash Stompers and Remarkable Ruby. Check the two Strange Crystal Clusters and the chest for the Dead Thaig Shanker then examine the Golem Monument . This starts a scene and completes the quest as well as an achievement.

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Stones Lament

Completed ''A Golem's Memories'' (The Stone Prisoner DLC).

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