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Item List
Lesser Health Poultice
Small Grease Trap
Family Sword
Shield of Highever
Codex Codex Cont
062 Andraste: Bride of the Maker 121 Geography of Ferelden
066 The Chant of Light: The Blight 123 Politics of Ferelden
067 The Commandments of the Maker 126 Highever
068 The Maker 131 The Noble Families of Ferelden
117 History of Ferelden: Chapter 1 160 Darkspawn
118 History of Ferelden: Chapter 2 169 Duncan
119 Culture of Ferelden 176 Arl Rendon Howe
120 Dogs in Ferelden

Requirement : Human, Warrior/Rogue

After the opening scenes you are given the task of finding Fergus. Your Codex is updated, you gain Lesser Health Poultice x3 , and a new quest “ Father’s Task “. Head through the north door and turn left to meet Ser Gilmore. Agree to find the Mabari War Hound and allow him to follow you to the kitchen; there you gain a new quest “ Mischief in the Larder “. Head north and open the door left of where the screaming is coming from to meet Nan. Enter the larder to meet your Mabari, name him and encounter the Giant Rats. Open the wooden crate and the sack to acquire some new items. Upon leaving you should speak with Nan and complete the quest.

Unlike the other races, you get your Mabari straight away. Clear out the Giant Rats after you have named your new friend.

Head to the west side towards the Atrium to run into your mother. After some conversation head to the library and examine the books to obtain Codex 117: History of Ferelden Chapter 1 and another book for Codex 118: History of Ferelden Chapter 2 . Speak with Aldous to obtain Codex 121: Geography of Ferelden and Codex 131 The Noble Families of Ferelden . Head down into the study and read the book to obtain Codex 119: Culture of Ferelden . Speak with Iona and tell her you wish to get a little personal in your bedroom. She will agree and say to meet you there tonight, you obtain the quest “ Sweet Iona “.

Make your way to the eastern side of the castle into the Chapel. Read the book on the pedestal for Codex 062: Andraste - Bride of the Maker . The book on the bookshelf is - Codex 066: Chant of Light - The Blight . Speak with Mother Mallol and receive her blessings to obtain Codex 067: The Commandments of the Maker and Codex 068: The Maker. Make your way back past your mother to reach Fergus’ room. Rogues can unlock the door on the way there to discover an empty room.

Head south to find Fergus in his room. After some more conversation your quest is complete and Father suggests you get some rest. Examine the book on the bookshelf to obtain Codex 123: Politics of Ferelden then exit Fergus’ room to progress. You awake in the middle of the night to the castle being under attack. Open the chest to obtain a Lesser Health Poultice and Small Grease Trap , open your inventory and re-equip all your gear before engaging the Howe Soldier and Howe Archer. Draw them into your room and take them out, then make your way out battling two more Howe Soldiers.

Your mother comes out and joins the party, but fears for your father; the quest “ Howe Treachery “ is updated. You should have leveled up as well as your Mabari War Hound. Place your points accordingly and loot the fallen enemies. Proceed south and open the trunk to find a Dagger (Iron), Greatsword (Iron), Longbow (Elm), and Small Shield (Elm). Equip Eleanor and enter Fergus’ room to find his family murdered. Open the north door to fight 2 Howe Soldiers and 2 Howe Archers; the side rooms each contain a chest. Continue north for minor dialogue then enter the room to the left to find a Knight Corpse; looting him yields a Dagger (Iron). Continue east to find a frantic man. You can persuade him to fight with you as you engage the enemy on both sides. Utilize Eleanor’s Pinning Shot to breeze through the fight.

Speak to your mother about the Treasury then head over there. You can raid the room for new armor and weapons and your family equipment too.

Continue north and through the door on the left battling your way to a chest. Head out and continue south looting the rubble for a Lesser Health Poultice and Elfroot . Enter the western room and loot the Pile of Books for a Blank Vellum . The room to the south contains another chest. Continue fighting your way through the passageway to find more rubble containing a Lesser Health Poultice and Elfroot . Attempt to enter the Guard Post and Eleanor gives you the key and a quest The Cousland Treasury . Unlock the doors with the key and enter the treasury. The Family Chest contains Family Sword and Shield of Highever , two decent items for this point in the game.

The southern room contains a Knight Corpse that can be looted. At the end of the hall is a room with guardsman fighting off some of Howe’s men; aid them if you like. The Main Hall, north of the one with the Knight Corpse is where Ser Gilmore and his men are battling. Take out the Mage and Archers first to take control of the fight.

Exit the northern door and make your way up the hall. Going right only leads to more senseless fighting, so take the door at the top. Open the wooden crate for an item. Backtrack towards the middle room this time going west and encountering your first ranked enemy, a Howe Knight. The northern room has a sack with an item in it. Open the barrel to find another item. Proceed to the larder to find your father dying. Duncan intervenes and takes you with him as your mother decides to stand and fight to the death.

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Last of Your Line

Completed the Human Noble origin story.

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