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Item List .
Andraste’s Grace
Bevin’s Key
Helm of the Red
Lloyd’s Magic Ring
Love Letter
Signet Ring
The Green Blade
073 The Founding of the Chantry
082 Demonic Possession
108 Thedas Calendar
127 Lake Calenhad
193 Ballad of Ayesleigh
197 The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter 1
225 Cautionary Tales for the Adventurous
227 Berwick’s Letter
234 A Tattered Shopping List
235 Graffiti in Redcliffe’s Tavern

On your way to the village a cutscene should occur showing Zevran of the Antivan Crows, an assassin hired by Loghain. You might also run into Beyha Joam whom you need to kill to complete “Five Pages, Four Mages”. Once you enter Redcliffe you should notice the Deathroot near the house. Move across the bridge to find Tomas who speaks of monsters attacking in the middle of the night through dawn. He takes you to speak with Bann Teagan who asks for your aid in the coming battle.

The pile of books near the Old Woman yields Codex 073: The Founding of the Chantry . The bookshelf gives Codex 082: Demonic Possession and the book grants Codex 108: Thedas Calendar . Jetta stands near the book, speak with her to complete “Last Will and Testament”. On your way out of the Chantry speak with Kaitlyn and agree to find her brother Bevin and start the quest “ A Missing Child “. Leave the Chantry and head all the way up the hill and loot the wooden crate and Andraste’s Grace . Enter the Windmill and loot the crate which holds a Love Letter(3) then head back outside and speak with Ser Perth. He asks that you speak with the Revered Mother Hannah in order to seek help from a higher power.

Inside the Chantry you can complete and begin several quests. Talk to all the people inside.

Head down the hill across a small bridge and turn left entering the house. Dernal Garrison is here, a quest requirement for “Scraping the Barrel”. The bookshelf has Codex 193: Ballad of Ayesleigh and in the back room is a chest. Leave the house and head down the hill to the right where a Deathroot can be spotted. Make your way around the unfinished boat up the hill to find a chest and wooden crate. Head over to the Tavern which is to the left of the unfinished boat.

Lloyd’s Tavern

Item Price
Lesser Injury Kit Recipe 0g 72s 60c
Health Poultice Recipe 0g 72s 60c
Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe 0g 06s 60c
Ale 0g 00s 02c

There is some graffiti on the tavern table yielding Codex 235: Graffiti in Redcliffe’s Tavern . Speak with the Militia Men in the corner who are upset over not getting free ale in such a time. Talk to the barkeep who you can convince to make you co-owner of the bar thus satisfying the militia and allowing all his goods to be free or you can persuade him that it’s generous to do so for the same result. If anything you should force him to defend the village so you can obtain a rare item later. Talk to Bella and ask about the Elf in the corner. You can also work around a scenario where she agrees to give everyone a kiss if they make it through the night. Speak with Berwick and convince him to help out the militia, you also gain Codex 227: Berwick’s Letter .

Leave the Tavern and head down to the main part of the village; speak with Murdock. He is happy about the free drinks so morale is high, but they lack weapons and could use more men. Go to the Blacksmithy and find a way inside by either persuading or intimidating Owen. Speak with him and agree to find his daughter in exchange for him making repairs; you gain the quest “ Lost in the Castle “. Move the crate in the corner and observe the hidden trapdoor where either choice lets you loot the average gear inside. Leave the Blacksmithy and head around the corner to find a chest and Deathroot then head into the Chantry.


Item Price
Large Shrapnel Trap Plans 0g 15s 60c
Large Caltrop Trap Plans 0g 07s 80c

Speak to Revered Mother Hannah and persuade/intimidate her to help you out concerning Ser Perth. Take the amulets to the knights even though they aren’t magic they should help the knights’ morale. Head to the opposite side of town to Kaitlyn’s Home. The book inside grants Codex 197: The Legend of Calenhad - Chapter 1 . Head into the room to start a dialogue and convince Bevin to tell you the secret about his father’s sword. Persuade/intimidate him to get the key then head to the second floor. Open the chest to get The Green Blade then use the bookshelf for Codex 225: Cautionary Tales for the Adventurous . Leave the house and head right to the General Store.

Check out the chest that’s in the corner and the note yields Codex 234: A Tattered Shopping List . Examine the barrel then leave the store. Do a U-turn to the docks where you can find a barrel and a sign giving Codex 127: Lake Calenhad . Continue around the docks to a wooden crate and further west to a Deathroot . Head north from here then east from the Blacksmithy to another Deathroot. Make your way around the corner from the General Store to Dwyn’s Home. Pick the lock or break it in, then enter the building. Convince Dwyn and his men to help out by either persuasion, intimidation, or paying him off.

Having the oil helps out a lot in the fight, as does doing all the other things to improve your chances. After the battle, the Chanter’s Board is available for side quests.

Speak with Ser Perth concerning the barrels of oil in the General Store. Head to the Chantry once more and speak with Kaitlyn to finish the quest “A Missing Child”. Head outside and speak with Murdock; tell him you are ready. You gain a new quest “ The Attack at Nightfall “ which entails you defending Redcliffe. The oil will be burned and torch the enemies as they attack so position your tank at the front and have him pick up everything possible as the enemies will be taken out quickly making healing easy. One of the keys to this battle is that you can heal your allies. Check on them every time you micro-manage your characters. Once the top path is secured a militia man will run up and inform you that the town is under siege from the other end.

This part is much harder than the top path, but with Wynne and some Group Healing coupled with stuns and Taunt you should be able to keep most of the militia alive which will prove vital as the fight carries on. If you manage to keep Lloyd alive he will give you Lloyd’s Magic Ring; if you save everyone you are rewarded with the Helm of the Red . A Blackstone Irregular Liaison has set up as well as a Chanter’s Board. Now you can acquire the following six quests: “ Caravan Down “, “ Brothers and Sons “, “ Skin Deep “, “ Desperate Haven “, “ Unintended Consequences “, and “ **Grease the Wheels”** . You can either do some of the side quests now or move on to Redcliffe Castle.

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