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Item List
Anonymous Letter
Bedroom Key
Contract for Paeden
Coarse Cut Gauntlets
Dalish Battery
Entry Door Key
Guild Supplies
Item List Cont
Letter of Condolence
Love Letter x2
Magister’s Shield
Paeden’s Orders
Pouch of Gems
Ser Nancine’s Ornamental Sword
Silver Bar
Silversmith’s Key
Codex Codex Cont
038 Aodh 153 Rivain
046 The Magister’s Shield 156 Geography of Thedas
061 The Aeonar 199 The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter 3
103 The Anderfels 204 The History of the Chantry: Chapter 4
115 Denerim 206 Dane and the Werewolf
119 Culture of Ferelden 209 The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry
123 Politics of Ferelden 311 Blackstone Letter of Condolences
130 Nevarra
151 The Qunari

Speak with Chanter Rosamund to turn in the quests you’ve finished then check the Chanter’s Board to acquire “ Back Alley Justice “, “ Missing in Action “, “ Fazzil’s Request “, and “ Loghain’s Push “. Head to the Mages’ Collective Liaison to turn in “Careless Accusations”. Check the bag to acquire “ Blood of Warning “, “ A Gift of Silence “, “ Have You Seen Me? “, and “ The Scrolls of Banastor “. Head east and open the wooden crate then speak with the Hooded Courier as a quest requirement. Speak with Sergeant Kylon to acquire “ Pearls Before Swine “.

You can gain the quest “Pearls Before Swine” from Sergeant Kylon. Find the Grey Warden poster and examine it for a password.

Check out the book in the middle tent area for Codex 209: The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry . There are also two chests for unlocking here. Speak with Fayd the Apprentice to satisfy a quest requirement. Be sure to speak to Master Ignacio as he triggers an event in the near future. To the west is a Door of a Blood Mage’s Relative satisfying a quest requirement along with a wooden crate that is against the building. Running near Ser Landry starts dialogue. You can persuade or intimidate him but if that fails you will have to kill him and do the quest “ Honor Bound “, he drops an Engraved Mace . Head around into the back alley to find a barrel. Approach the Mysterious Door and present the box to finish “Friends of Red Jenny”.

The other parts of Denerim are accessed by pretending to make your way out. Observe the Door of a Blood Mage’s Relative on your “way out.” As you attempt to leave a boy gives you a message and you gain the quest “ The Trial of Crows “. Head over to the Gnawed Noble Tavern observing the book for Codex 130: Nevarra . There is a chest behind the bartender whom gives you the quests “ Correspondence Interruptus “, “ Solving Problems “, and “ Negotation Aids “. Go to the east side and examine the book for Codex 199: The Legend of Calenhad - Chapter 3 then speak with Master Ignacio.

You can unlock the other room in the eastern wing to find a book on Codex 153: Rivain . In the room is a cabinet, chest, and vase that have decent items. Head to the western room and check the Blackstone Irregular Box for new quests: “ Notices of Death “ and “ Restocking the Guild “. You might be able to turn in the latter immediately. Turn the corner and head into the Wonders of Thedas and speak with Sheth the Apprentice satisfying a quest. There are three books and two scrolls to be read giving Codex 115: Denerim, Codex 156: Geography of Thedas, Codex 204: History of the Chantry - Chapter 4, Codex 151: The Qunari, and Codex 061: The Aeonar . The Tranquil sells many rare items if you can afford them.

Ser Landry will ask you for a duel and the quest “Honor Bound” will begin. You can fight him and he drops some items too.


Item Price
Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe 11g 17s 50c
Greater Ice Salve Recipe 10g 57s 50c
Greater Warmth Balm Recipe 10g 57s 50c
Shock Coating Recipe 6g 66s 00c
Greater Lyrium Potion Recipe 5g 82s 00c
Overpowering Lure Trap Plans 4g 50s 00c
Swift Salve Recipe 3g 36s 00c
Shock Bomb Recipe 1g 39s 50c
Tome of Arcane Technique 22g 50s 00c
Wintersbreath 31g 27s 50c
Torch of Embers 7g 65s 00c
Items Cont Price
Lightning Rod 3g 60s 00c
Lend of the Lion 2g 85s 00c
Reaper’s Vestments 92g 70s 00c
Tevinter Mage Robes 6g 15s 00c
Robe of the Witch 3g 78s 00c
Tevinter Robe 3g 07s 50c
Hearthstone Pendant 1g 20s 00c
Archivist’s Sash 0g 67s 50c
Ring of Ages 78g 30s 00c
Ancient Map of the Imperium 0g 15s 00c

Leave the shop and head to the Warehouse. Open the three chests and grab the Body Bag. Head to the dump spot outside the Chantry then move around the corner to another body bag; dump it as well. Head a bit south to find Sara and deliver the letter to her. At the far eastern end is a Grey Warden Poster; examine it. Go to Wade’s Emporium and open the chest to find a Love Letter(4) . Enter the City Map and choose The Pearl.

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