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Barbed Fists
Blessing of the Divine
Helm of Dragon’s Peak

You appear in the Throne Room; speak with Varel about the condition of the keep. When you are ready, go outside and follow Captain Garevel. You should notice the battle commands available to you underneath the minimap. You can use them but do so only when necessary. The quest update informs you that the gates are under siege so quickly defeat the Disciples that are attacking. Once the front gates are secured the Captain will notify you that eastern wall is under attack. This is a good time to use Dworkin to bombard the area where all the Children are gathered, just be sure to avoid friendly fire.

The front gates are beginning to fall at this point. Use what you need to slay the Armored Ogres that are attacking. Dworkin’s bombarding is perfect for the entrance and you can use the Archer to pick off the Ogres. When they are all defeated another scene occurs. Speak with the Medic who happens to sell quite a few poultices and other healing supplies. When battle resumes continue to fell your enemies and the Medic retreats.

As the front gates are secured once more, Disciples attack the courtyard. Midway through this fight an Armored Ogre Alpha appears in the Keep. The Herald appears once the Armored Ogre Alpha is defeated; he waits at the front gate. Defeat him to end the battle and gain the quest “ Depths of Depravity “. When you gain control over your character be sure to loot the dead for Barbed Fists, Blessing of the Divine and Helm of Dragon’s Peak. You can return to the Throne Room if you need to resupply. When ready head to the Lair of the Mother.

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Keeper of the Vigil

Saved Vigil's Keep.

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You are a Grey Warden, last of a group of highly-skilled warriors tasked to defeat the Archdemon and stop the Blight from spreading across the land. The Grey Wardens are the only ones capable of defeating the Archdemon and sending the Darkspawn back to the pits whence they came. Accrue a squad of highly memorable characters, each with their own personalities and skills, to help you in your task and save Fereldan before it is too late.

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