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You are approached by a guard as you make you way into town. Ignore him and enter to the left looting the Deathroot . The east side provides a book for Codex 207: Death of a Templar and another Deathroot . The Villager House has two chests, one of which contains Love Letter(7) . Leave the house and head west to find an Elfroot and chest on the docks. You can speak with the child twice to find out more about Haven, then proceed up the hill grabbing the Elfroot on your way. To the east are two Deathroots and to the west is a book of Codex 105: The Avvars and a sack. There is a wooden crate just outside the Merchants; loot it and enter the store.


Item Price
Acidic Coating Recipe 5g 32s 80c
Lesser Elixir of Grounding Recipe 2g 92s 80c
Acid Flask Recipe 1g 11s 60c
Lyrium Potion Recipe 0g 90s 00c
Mild Choking Powder Trap Plans 0g 82s 80c
Mild Lure Plans 0g 72s 00c

Pick the Iron Chest for some rare items: Mage’s Eye, Antivan Leather Boots , and a Locket . Speak with the Shopkeeper and check his goods, he might not have much but you can always dump off your un-needed items. Attempt to enter the backroom. When the shopkeeper stops you, ask what he’s hiding then take him out. There are two chests and a corpse denoting one of Arl Eamon’s men. Leave the store but be prepared for a fight as a band of cultists strike. Head up the hill looting the Deathroot and killing more cultists. Two more Deathroots and an Elfroot are at the top of the hill; loot them and enter the Chantry.

Pick the Iron Chest for some good items. Loot Eirik’s body for the Cultist Medallion.

Speak with Eirik but regardless of your choices you are forced to fight. Loot Eirik for the Cultist Medallion and check the left room for an Inscribed Chest with a Small Silver Bar inside and a locked chest. Observe the brick wall on the opposite end to find a chest behind the bookshelves and Brother Genitivi. Help Genitivi and tell him Arl Eamon is sick and you need the ashes. Present the medallion you looted off Eirik and take Genitivi with you to the mountain side.

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You are a Grey Warden, last of a group of highly-skilled warriors tasked to defeat the Archdemon and stop the Blight from spreading across the land. The Grey Wardens are the only ones capable of defeating the Archdemon and sending the Darkspawn back to the pits whence they came. Accrue a squad of highly memorable characters, each with their own personalities and skills, to help you in your task and save Fereldan before it is too late.

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