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Item List Codex
Elementalist’s Grasp 106 The Bannorn
Fade Wall 118 History of Ferelden: Chapter 2
Gloves of Guile 122 The Free Marches
Keening Blade 126 Highever
Love Letter 150 Par Vollen: The Occupied North
Teyrn Loghain’s Crown 194 Meditations and Odes to Bees
210 Feast Day Fish

Enjoy the cutscene and the dialogue that ensues. Head to Eamon’s study and listen to Erlina’s plea. Agree to help and gain the quest “ Rescue the Queen “. The book is Codex 194: Meditations and Odes to Bees , head into the eastern room to find a chest. In Your Room where Morrigan, Sten, and your Mabari are you will find two more books, Codex 106: The Bannorn and Codex 150: Par Vollen - The Occupied North respectively, while the adjacent room holds a chest. Head west and then north to find Leliana and Zevran, there is also a book for Codex 122: The Free Marches .

There is a chest in the adjacent room that holds a Love Letter(12) . Go south from the previous room to find Oghren. In the other room is a book for Codex 210: Feast Day Fish . Leave the estate and turn in the quests you have finished along the way. The ones from the tavern should leave access to two more, “ False Witness “ and “ Untraceable “. If you’ve been looting everything you should have 10 Garnet easily so you can turn in the latter quest which leads to “ Dead Drops “. “The Trial of Crows” should update to the final part once you speak with Ignacio. You can choose to do the next section which will close up all the side quests in Denerim or simply proceed with the story in the next section.

Speaking to Eamon and the maid starts the next quest in the main story. Loghain is a jerk! It is best to tie up loose ends before continuing though by completing side quests.

Note that during your travels there are random encounters you may start that involve Zevran and another in which your characters are split up by a gate. The one with Zevran is where he meets Taliesen, an Antivan Crow, who can tempt Zevran back to the Crows. If you and Zevran aren’t on the best of terms then he will leave, otherwise just ask him to stay and a fight will begin. Taliesen drops the Gloves of Guile which are half-decent gloves. The other battle in which you are separated from your group is somewhat difficult, but the real purpose for the mentioning is the Glass Phylactery for the final Revenant and last update for “The Black Vials”.

Out in the district check out the Dead Drop near Cesar. Slim Couldry also has a quest update for a payment of 6 sovereigns. Enter the Gnawed Noble Tavern once more and do one of the following to get Teryn Loghain’s Crown:

  • Buy the guards a round of dwarven spirits, then when they’re drunk, walk past them.
  • Use Poison-Making to poison the drinks to knock the guards out
  • Persuade or bribe the waitresses to keep the guards occupied
  • Use Intimidation to convince the guards to leave
  • Use Stealth to sneak past them
  • Just kill the guards
    Return to Slim and he’ll give you the last break in for 10 sovereign. Head to the Bann of West Hill’s Estate from the City map. Head around the corner and unlock the east door. Check the weapon stand and armor stand then flip the lever. Follow the path back in the hall to the west until you reach a single wooden crate, it seems you were deceived. Fight your way out to the main hall and return to the Market District.

Threatening people is always a fun way to get what you want (left). It’s a trap! (right).

Speak with Slim Couldry who gives your money back and leaves town for the time being. Time to complete “Unbound”, head to the Dirty Back Alley and approach the door to the Quaint Hovel. Talk your way in to the building and be prepared for what is possibly the hardest fight in the game.

BOSS - Gaxkang the Unbound

Drops : Keening Blade, Fade Wall

Gaxkang is a powerful Arcane Warrior with what seems to be limitless mana.This means he uses all kinds of spells, mainly those from the Entropy and Primal trees. The best way to avoid most of this is to cleanse the group and try to spread out. Use your tank to face him away to avoid everyone being affected by Cone of Cold attacks (though he might turn around and hit the party anyway). Most stuns and freezes are going to get resisted or he is just immune. Use numerous potions and halfway through the fight you may want to use Wynne’s Vessel of the Spirit to keep her going strong.

Gaxkang is possibly more powerful than the Archdemon. He resists pretty much everything you throw at him and you have to fight in a confined area. Come prepared!

When the fight is over check the chest in the back for a healthy amount of sovereign, some gems, and the Elementalist’s Grasp which are possibly the best attacking mage gloves. Leave the area which will disappear when you leave, and head to the Ransom Drop Location.

Here defeat the wave of Howe’s Soldiers and Captain Chase to find there was no hostage. Head back to the Gnawed Noble Tavern and speak with Ignacio. You can choose to kill him or let him leave on good terms with you, either way the quest is completed.

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