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Loot the pile of bones and begin chasing the spirit to encounter some skeletons. Down the hall you are attacked from both sides, so back up and funnel them in to make things easier on yourself. The east room has a pile of bones while the west one has a pile of bones and a chest. As you turn the corner, down the hall, more spiders attack. Take them out. Proceed forward to find the Ghostly Boy shouting “Mamae” and regardless of your dialogue choices, a swarm of skeletons attack you. Turn to the groups and Cone of Cold them to make it a little less gruelling. Back track a bit and funnel them if need be.

Loot the broken crate and enter the southern room where a sarcophagus holds a fancy scroll and tablet for Codex 233: A Carved Elven Tablet and the quest “ The Elven Ritual “. The northern room holds a charred corpse and a chest. Go through the east door and turn north at the fork. In this room do the following to open the metal door.

Regardless of what you respond with, the skeletons will still attack you. Further on, find this sarcophagus to discover the Elven Tablet.

    1. Take the earthen jug from the fountain.
    1. Fill the earthen jug with water.
    1. Leave the pool alone.
    1. Place the filled earthen jug on top of the altar.
    1. Kneel before the altar and pray.
    1. Examine the earthen jug on the altar.
    1. Take a single sip from the water in the jug.
    1. Take the earthen jug.
    1. Leave the altar alone.
    1. Dump the water in the jug back into the pool.
      If you mess up at any point then demons are summoned. Messing up again after that bears no ill consequences other than the door still being locked. Enter the room and loot the three sarcophaguses. Engaging with the Shade in dialogue results in it attacking with two Greater Shades. Loot the pile of bones then the Elven Burial Chamber for the Juggernaut Plate Armor and Codex 096: Uthenera not to mention that should complete your set and finish the quest “The Mage’s Treasure”.

Complete the ritual exactly as it is set out.

Make your way south now and turn into the room where the skeletons are coming from to find a broken crate. Approach the Phylactery and touch the gem. Tell it you are sorry and didn’t mean to frighten it. Request to help it and then approach the stone altar with the gem. Accept the memories and place the gem on the stone altar. This completes “The Arcane Warrior” quest as well as unlocks the Arcane Warrior Specialization . Go across the hall to check a pile of bones then continue down the path.

At the three-way fork quickly duck into the eastern room and kill the enemies here to give yourself a place to fight. Then loot the broken crate and chest and make your way to the southern room looting the pile of sacks to the right. Disturb the Glass Phylactery to summon a Revenant ; loot it for a codex update as it was the Fourth Corpse Walker giving you two total. Head back up the steps and open the door to the left. Draw the enemies’ attention then shut the door. Kill them as they come through then proceed.

There are several traps in the room just waiting to decimate your party so be sure to disarm them for a bundle of experience. Loot the chest, the Knight corpse, and the Adventurer’s corpse for the Adventurer’s Journal , an update for “Unbound”. Keep going west through the metal door, defeating all enemies in your path. At the bottom of the steps an Arcane Horror appears. The trick to getting to it is to place your ranged on the right two squares and your melee on the left two so you are always attacking it and making it move before it casts. Loot it for some gems and Ashen Gloves once disposed of.

Talking to the gem leads to you unlocking the Arcane Warrior specialization if you choose. Further into the Ruins is another vial with a Revenant.

The southern end holds two sarcophaguses and two chests, yielding you the Ancient Elven Armor and Legacy White Shear . The northern room has two more sarcophagi and a soldier corpse. Gather your party and venture forth into the Lair of the Werewolves.

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