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039 Bard’s Dancing Shoes
098 The History of the Drydens
191 Sophia Dryden

After waking from the dream and entering dialogue with Alistair you are free to roam camp. You gain a new quest “ Enchantment “ that you can turn in to Sandal, one of the dwarves you saved earlier. Bodahn has a plethora of things that you may purchase but at this time you probably don’t have the money to afford most of them. One item you should look for is the Backpack usually found at the bottom of the item list. Levi Dryden has a quest that you may take part in if you have the Warden’s Keep DLC called “ Soldier’s Peak “. You can speak with any party members and change their affection based on your choices in dialogue.

Bodahn’s Wares

Item Price
Tome of Physical Technique 22g 50s 00c
Tome of Arcane Technique 22g 50s 00c
The Veshialle 133g 55s 00c
Sylvan’s Mercy 8g 92s 50c
Conspirator’s Foil 5g 55s 00c
Proving Helm 1g 95s 00c
Spirit Hands 2g 85s 00c
Angled Strikers 0g 52s 50c
Bard’s Dancing Shoes 10g 35s 00c
Items Cont Price
Imperial Weavers 1g 95s 00c
Silverhammer’s Tackmasters 1g 95s 00c
Earthheart’s Portable Bulwark 9g 45s 00c
Collective Arming Cowl 1g 72s 50c
Enchanter’s Arming Cap 1g 50s 00c
Blackmetal Torque 5g 62s 50c
The Spellward 87g 57s 50c
Par Vollen Willstone 2g 17s 50c
Dalish Pendant 1g 42s 50c
Items Cont Price
Dalish Hunter’s Belt 2g 41s 50c
Dwarven Merchant’s Belt 0g 93s 75c
Longbowman’s Belt 0g 75s 00c
Hailstone 1g 03s 50c
Ember 1g 03s 50c
Golden Rope Necklace 0g 16s 50c
Backpack 7g 50s 00c

Enchantment? Enchantment! Sandal can enchant eligible equipment with runes to make them more powerful.

You now have many choices when entering the World Map. Any of them will progress the story line for the most part, but the guide will assume you have gone to Circle Tower and assisted the Magi first. You gain a healer and many numerous stat upgrades for free not to mention that Redcliffe calls on the assistance of the Circle Magi as a “good” option. Choose Lake Calenhad Docks.

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