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Artificer’s Canopy Masterwork Leather Piece
A Soldier’s Body Mages’ Collective Signet
Bastard Thorn North Ward
Battledress of the Provocateur Note from the Chantry
Fenced Fereldan Jewelry Note from the Collective
Fenced Historical Costumes Pelerine Slip-Knife
Fenced Tevinter Antiquities Progenitor Crosscut
Hard Line Coat Set of Keys
Heaven’s Wrath Silver Cord
Iron Key Suspect Underthings
Jovi Merice’s Corpse The Spellward
Knight-Commander’s Shield Tug’s Edge
280 Raiding the Collective
281 The Orlesian Game of Intrigue
282 The Arl’s Estate
283 The Hard Line
284 War Journal, Revised
285 Harwen Raleigh’s Personal Journal
287 Sketch
288 Tug
289 An Introduction
290 Silas

Start this DLC by choosing Other Campaigns and selecting Leliana’s Song. You are in control of Leliana, Tug, and Sketch whom all start at level 10. Leliana can either be melee or ranged based on your preference, Tug should be made into a tank, and Sketch should be your healer. You start with a multitude of quests to be done primarily in Denerim.

Denerim Market

Start off by going south to the Collection Plate and taking a few silver. Go west to the Mage’s Collective Bag and take the Note from the Collective to start the quest “ Find the Mages’ Cache “ and obtain Codex 280: Raiding the Collective . Go north of the chantry to find the Mages’ Collective Marker. From here go to the center of the city and check out Melford’s Imports of Import. You can steal the Fenced Fereldan Jewelry and 4 Sovereigns but be ready for a fight if a guard spots you.

You can steal a few things here in town. You can also find the Mages’ Collective Bag.

Check the Finery by Ser Wolly and steal the Fenced Historical Costumes then go to Renwold’s Relics and steal the Fenced Tevinter Antiquities . If you look southwest from the marketplace you will see another Mages’ Collective Marker and a crate. Northeast of the marketplace is Bann Perrin. Knock him out and loot the Unconscious Bann Perrin for Suspect Underthings and Note from the Chantry . Loot the nearby crate and go northwest of the marketplace near the elven alienage to find a Night Captain.

Go near the Mages’ Collective Cache to summon Severin Corwood and his Stone Golem that protect it. Loot the cache for Silver Cord, Progenitor Crosscut , and 5 sovereigns then the corpse for Mages’ Collective Signet . Check the crate and continue toward the tavern. Search the crate in the corner then speak with Jovi Merice to fight him. Loot the body for a Bastard Thorn, Jovi Merice’s Corpse , and Masterwork Leather Piece to start the quest “ Orlesian Battledress “ then dump everything on Guard Captain Eams to complete the quest. Signal Marjolaine when you’re ready, but tell her to hold up and talk to Bonny Lem to trade.

Collect the required items and then place them on the Guard Captain to gain the achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.

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Lem’s Fenced and Found

Item Price
Spirit Hands 1g 99s 50c
Charged Mitts 1g 99s 50c
The Practical Plates 9g 27s 15c
Havard’s Aegis 4g 09s 50c
Senior Enchanter’s Robes 3g 15s 00c
Robes of the Gifted 1g 62s 75c
Rivaini Grace 1g 94s 25c
Dwarven Warrior’s Belt 1g 07s 62c
Ring of Resistance 1g 24s 95c

Talk to Marjolaine when you are ready to continue.

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