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Turn the corner to find some dead Darkspawn then loot the corpse to the right and continue along the path. You’ll find another darkspawn corpse and Fractured Stone along with a new enemy, the Thaig Crawler. Further along are more creepy crawlies attacking an Ogre, slap an AoE spell over them so when they die you get credit and experience. To the left are more Darkspawn battling the spiders; again tag them all so you get the experience then pick them off. There is a darkspawn corpse and Fractured Stone nearby that will summon more spiders.

A Shriek Alpha protects a locked chest in the south west of the room. The cubby at the southeast of the room has the Warrior’s Grave and a Fractured Stone. You must examine the grave to update the codex for Topsider’s Honor. Take the northern exit but don’t follow the spider into it’s trap. Instead continue on defeating the Stone Golem and Indignant Spirits. You can now double back around on the spider and make the fight there easier. Loot the chest behind the spider web then turn the corner for a Fractured Stone.

Approach Ruck then check the darkspawn corpse, then speak with Ruck. He will warn you and leave; more spiders spawn behind you. Head after Ruck and check the vase, darkspawn corpse, and Fractured Stone. The vase holds the Topsider’s Pommel and the quest “ An Admirable Topsider “ should start. Talk to Ruck, if you Persuade or Intimidate him you can trade with him and he has some things of value not to mention you are probably overstocked on useless things to sell.

Find the Warrior’s Grave at the end of this path. Approach Ruck and he will run off down a side path with spiders.


Item Price
Armor of the Divine Will 57g 00s 00c
Shield of the Legion 5g 10s 00c
Destructionist’s Belt 5g 10s 00c
Grandmaster Cold Iron Rune 27g 00s 00c
Etched Silver Symbol 0g 39s 00c

Leave Ruck and approach the Ortan Thaig Chest near the center of the room then take it’s contents the Ortan Records . To the south you can spot a broken chest. Turn the corner east and dispatch another Stone Golem and group of Indignant Spirits. The book is Codex 200: Caridin’s Journal . There is a broken chest nearby, and another Mystical Site of Power. Place the pieces of the body on the Altar of Sundering to summon a Fade Beast. You can cut a deal with it for 25g 50s or fight it for some experience and bad loot.

To the south is a Fractured Stone. Cross the bridge then loot the broken chest after you dispose of the enemies. Near the other bridge is a chest and Fractured Stone, loot them and proceed west. Chase the Corrupted Spiders to a chest then prepare yourself and cross the bridge. Kill the spiders and the Genlock Emissary and stay left looting the Fractured Stone. Approach the chests but be denied as the Corrupted Spider Queen emerges. It will quickly leave and summon a few Corrupted Spiders; kill them quickly to bring the Queen back. Stun her and chip away 25% of her health, until she spins the party in a web and drops more spiders. This process repeats till she dies.

The Spider Queen has a ton of HP and is annoying to dispatch. After the battle, examine Branka’s Journal to continue the quest.

Loot the Queen for Bloodline and Silk Weave Gloves , then the cocoon for Smith’s Heart . If you turn the corner you will find more Corrupted Spiders and another Genlock Emissary. Open the two chests and examine Branka’s Journal then head to the Dead Trenches.

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