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Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering Grandmaster Silverite Rune
Dragonbone Cleaver Master Tempest Rune
Elfroot Paragon Hale Rune
Essence of Willpower The Sorrows of Arlathan
Expert Barrier Rune Tome of Arcane Technique
Grandmaster Lightning Rune Tome of Physical Technique
Vestments of the Seer
157 Letters from the Past

After the opening scene you are reunited with the Mabari War Hound and start the quest “ In Search of Morrigan “. Enter the nearby hut and engage in a conversation with Ariane. Listen to her plea to find out what Morrigan has been up to then team up with her; Ariane joins the Party. Upon leaving the hut you are ambushed by Darkspawn so defeat them and then head to the Circle Tower.

Circle of Magi

After speaking with Hadley head down the hall into the rooms on the right. Inspect the chest in the back corner for Expert Barrier Rune and a Master Tempest Rune while a chest on the other side of the room contains various potions and healing materials. Continue further down the hall to find Sandal and a chest with more healing items. Sandal carries various items that are available across the main game, but nothing unique.

Head through the library until you reach the center area just before going to the second floor. Read through Index A-F then check the Beginner’s Herbalism on the bookshelf and read the entries to receive some Elfroot . Leave this area and check the Mysterious Artifacts book where Ariane should recognize some elvish in one of the entries and update the quest. Return to the indexes and read Index G-L then head into the library and read the Mage Training book which leads to another book. Find the book on Self-Improvement and read the first entry to spawn an Essence of Willpower near the library entrance.

You need to examine the correct Index and then find the relevant section in the Library itself.

Read the second entry to obtain a Tome of Physical Technique . Go back to the indexes and read Index M-S then read Mage Weaponry for a Master Barrier Rune from the first entry. The Zoology book has an entry that you can give to the Mabari Hound. The Expert Herbalism book has an entry that grants you some potions. Once more, return and read the final index, Index T-Z and read the School of Entropy. The last entry will give you the option to get a Bad Luck Charm and a Letter of Payment stating that the charm reveals a chest in the apprentice dorms.

Head into the library and read the History book. Check all entries to get the Understanding the Ancients and a quest update. Return to the dorm room and open the shrouded chest for a healthy amount of money. Read the third entry of the Mysterious Artifacts once more to encounter Finn, who shortly joins the party. Speak with Hadley to get the basement key, then enter the basement.

Head through the door and fight off the sentinels, then destroy the Veil Tear to send the sentinels back. At the top of the stairs is a locked chest and some old vials. In the next room use the Landmark Device with the hound to establish dominance then speak with the statue. A total of six tears must be mended; continue north to find the second one. Pass through the door heading east to find another Veil Tear. As you make your way east you will fight a group with a Robed Sentinel so be sure to neutralize it. Open the wooden crate at the southern end for some money.

Examine the Device with your Dog. Find the chest further in for Vestments of the Seer and a Rune.

Further east is a larger group of sentinels and a barrel. As you move south open the door and then a chest for a Paragon Hale Rune and Vestments of the Seer . The final group of sentinels is down the hall. Defeat them and loot the chest for a Grandmaster Lightning Rune and Grandmaster Silverite Rune then the wooden crate for more money. Return to the statue to receive a quest update then head out to the Elven Ruins.

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