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Item List
Adaia’s Boots
Borrowed Longsword
Gold Ring
Heirloom Necklace
Noble Clothing
Wedding Clothes
Wedding Ring
Codex Codex Cont
066 The Chant of Light: The Blight 158 The Grey Wardens
067 The Commandments of the Maker 160 Darkspawn
110 The City Elves 169 Duncan
111 Alienage Culture 186 Valendrian
114 The Dalish Elves
117 History of Ferelden: Chapter 1
118 History of Ferelden: Chapter 2
119 Culture of Ferelden
157 Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People

Requirement : Elf, Warrior/Rogue

After finding out today is your big day you obtain the quest “ A Day For Celebration “. Open your footlocker and grab the contents, then speak with Cyrion. He gives you Adaia’s Boots and sends you off to find Soris, your long time friend. Head over and speak to Nessa’s Father, he will refuse your help but Nessa will ask for some charity. 10 Silver is enough to really help her out, so speak with Dilwyn and accept their offer of 15 Silver! Give Nessa what you want to update the quest.

Check the Alienage Tree for Codex 157: Vhenadahl - The Tree of the People then enter Alarith’s Store. Check the books nearby for Codex 119: Culture of Ferelden . You can speak to Alarith but he tells you to go get married. Outside in the back is an Elfroot. Head north to find Soris. Talk with him then head back south to find Vaughan being a trouble maker. Shianni knocks him and then a man named Duncan enters the scene. Head over and talk to him to get the scoop. When Valendrian tells you so, head over to the platform.

Speaking to Cyrion will net you the Adaia’s Boots. Later on, Vaughan will interrupt the gathering and take the women including you if you are female.

Female Characters

Vaughan will interrupt and take the women including you if you are female. Talk with Shianni and men will enter, slaying the woman that resists. Fortunately, Soris enters and gives you a Borrowed Longsword and Crossbow so **** kill the Guards with them and leave the room. Go to the second paragraph in the Male Characters section and continue from there.

Male Characters

Male characters will speak with Valendrian and Duncan who agree to go after the women. Duncan will lend you a Borrowed Longsword and Crossbow . Soris joins the party, so head north and enter the estate. Kill the Guard and then go east to run into two Mabari. Continue south killing more Mabari then loot the single Deathroot . Turn the corner and enter the Palace.

Loot the barrel and kill the Guard. Check the liquor cabinet in the next room and go south to find a pile of sacks and a storage cabinet. The cook threatens you but a friend knocks him out; continue north. Kill the Off-Duty Guards and enter the room at the top right. Loot the wine rack and barrel then head west killing another Guard. The room to the left has an armor stand, and two weapon racks. Loot them and go north. Defeat the Guard Captain and loot him for the Fencer’s Cinch . Check the cabinet and keep going north.

You will want to kit out yourself quickly during this trip as you will be fighting many guards. At the end, Vaughan will offer you money in return for not killing him.

The first room on the left has books on Codex 117: History of Ferelden - Chapter 1 and an Iron Footlocker. The right door has some enemies and a wooden crate, second on the left has more Off-duty Guards and a footlocker, same thing on the right side. Go through the door at the end and continue down the hall. The south room has an ornate chest if you can unlock the door. It contains an Heirloom Necklace. Go east and loot the three jars and the armoire in the corner.

Go east again and you will find a Bodyguard. Kill him and check the northern room to find a book on Codex 118: History of Ferelden - Chapter 2 and shelves. The room on the right has a wooden crate and the northern one has a vase. Open the final door to find Vaughan. If you take his offer up you won’t get the money until much later in the game. If you do kill him Shianni will be grateful and Soris will get the rest of the women. Check the armor stand then pick Shianni up and head back to the Alienage. Duncan will invoke the Grey Warden’s Right of Conscription and save you from being thrown in jail, thus taking you to Ostagar.

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Completed the City Elf origin story.

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