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Belt of the Architect 167 Drake’s Fall
Doge’s Dodger
Robes of the Architect
Vestments of Urthemiel
Will of the Unyielding

Advance down the path to the Disciple and fight off the other enemies. Further along you will find a pile of bones holding Fadewalker . Keep going to find an Armored Ogre amongst other things. Branch off at the south to a note on Codex 167: Drake’s Fall. Keep south until you find more Darkspawn; a High Dragon swoops in and crushes them.

High Dragon

Drops :

This battle will be fought much like the Queen of the Blackmarsh with the exception of a second phase. Face the dragon away from the party and leave any ranged characters near the entrance. You can freeze the dragon but that’s about it. Avoid the Flame Breath and keep the tank healed in order to take down the angry High Dragon.

Stay behind the dragon to avoid its Flame Breath and the worst of its attacks.

Loot the pile of bones for Quicksilver then enter Drake’s Fall.

Drakes Fall

Hook a right when you enter and open the chest. Proceed down the steps and take out the Heretic Disciple and Armored Ogre. Check all the Flesh Pods to find Will of the Unyielding . Examine the slots to place crystals in them that you have picked up. Progress northeast and check the Flesh Pod as you go. Kill the Darkspawn and remember to loot them for crystals. Progress down the steps and you are given the option to ally with the Architect. If you choose to ally with the Architect you will be given his aid against the Mother. If not then you choose to kill him. Some party members will agree/disagree and could leave the group based on your choice if you cannot persuade them.

The Architect

Drops : Doge’s Dodger, Robes of the Architect, Belt of the Architect

The best thing for this battle is Greater Warmth Balms. It essentially makes his fire barrage worthless. Move everyone but your tank to the steps and take out Utha first. Move your melee in only if they have taken a Balm to prevent taking the massive fire damage. Be sure to dispel the Affliction Hex that will undoubtedly hinder the Warmth Balms. Focus on keeping the group alive more so then doing actual damage. If you can survive the fire damage then the battle is yours.

If you choose not to fight, you must persuade your team mates to let him go.

Check the Flesh Pods and fill the sockets once more. Progress northwest and loot the Flesh Pod for Vestments of Urthemiel . Fight onward and down the steps to another Heretic Disciple. The chest is a tough one but you should be able to open it if you have high cunning. With the towers ready head into The Nest.

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