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Item List Codex
Chasind Arm 033 A Bronto Named Snug
Golem Control Rod 188 Jerrik Dace
Grandmaster Immunity Rune 223 Darion’s Journal
Grandmaster Lightning Rune 232 Ancient Writings
Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel 233 Seneschal Garevel’s Missive
Mage’s Running Shoes
Master Reservoir Rune
Sash of Forbidden Secrets
The Reaper’s Cudgel
Wasp’s Sting

Start this DLC by choosing Other Campaigns, you may import or start a new character. The guide will assume you are using a character that has completed the game and the expansion and have all items available to you. A new character starts at level 20.

You start off with Jerrik and his pet Bronto. Your quest “ In Search of Amgarrak “ requires you to find the doors to the thaig. Jerrik is a rogue and Snug is a one attack tank. Head south and loot the dead dwarves for a Grandmaster Immunity Rune, Grandmaster Lightning Rune , and Chasind Arm . As you turn the corner Darkspawn appear. The Emissary can cast Mass Paralysis so be sure to take it out. Ahead, at the opening to the room, is a trap trigger that can and should be disarmed, Shrieks attack regardless.

The mist forces you to go southwest towards a runic golem and you are given the quest “ The Runic Golem “. Loot the old sack for some Grandmaster Runes and inspect the Runic Golem for some dialogue. Follow the path north and kill the Shrieks that attack; the Rune Anvil can be used for enchanting. Grab the Golem Control Rod and take it back to activate the Runic Golem who joins the party. The Runic Golem can cast a few spells in addition to basic golem skills.

You can awaken the Golem here by finding the Control Rod. It will join your party.

Go back north and east. Jerrik will start to see things as you approach the Maimed Corpse which holds various healing items and Mage’s Running Shoes. Follow the path to a Revenant and Arcane Horror that need to be dealt with. The Horror should be controlled and taken out as quickly as possible due to it’s deadly arsenal of magic. Loot the Arcane Horror for a Master Reservoir Rune then check the chest for more generic items and Wasp’s Sting . Follow the path west to the Doors of Amgarrak.

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You are a Grey Warden, last of a group of highly-skilled warriors tasked to defeat the Archdemon and stop the Blight from spreading across the land. The Grey Wardens are the only ones capable of defeating the Archdemon and sending the Darkspawn back to the pits whence they came. Accrue a squad of highly memorable characters, each with their own personalities and skills, to help you in your task and save Fereldan before it is too late.

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