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Item List Items Cont
Ancient Sylvanwood Elven Prayer for the Dead
Ash Elven Trinket
Battered Journal Fine Silks
Blackblade Helm Heartwood
Blackblade Tunic Holding Cell Key
Blood Lotus Illumination
Bronze Sextant Keenan’s Wedding Ring
Deathroot Landsmeet Shield
Dragonspite Leg-Crusher
Drake Scale Lyrium Sand
Elemental Trap Plans Madcap
Elfroot Masterpiece Hale Rune Tracing
Items Cont Codex
Masterpiece Frost Rune Tracing 247 The Canticle of Maferath
Paragon Hale Rune Tracing 256 A Letter from the Architect
Paragon Frost Rune Tracing 257 The Architect’s Journal
Phylacteries: A History Wrtten in Blood 260 A Miner’s Letter
Rashvine 263 The Architect’s Notes
Ring of Discipline 266 Orders to the Militia
Shiny Malachite 331 A Scholar’s Journal
Shock Treatment
Silverite Ore
Strange Stone
The Slippery Ferret’s Gloves
The Winter Blade

After the scene you gain the quest “ Trading Troubles “. Check the barrel for some Fine Silks and the broken crate. Move up and take out the scavengers, grab the Rashvine to the west, then loot the wooden crate, barrel which contains Fine Silks , and read the scroll for Codex 266: Orders of the Militia . Head east and fight off the Charred Sylvan then go south to the Blood Lotus and chest with more Fine Silks . One of the scavengers up north has a Fine Silk as well as the bundle of cloth, but not the nearby chest.

You are thrust into battle against more Sylvan and bandits from the east. Be sure to loot the corpses for more Fine Silks . Return to the campsite and go west to the engraved statue for Codex 247: The Canticle of Maferath . Head north to a Rashvine , a crate with Fine Silks , and then Elfroot . Don’t cross the bridge but continue east to another crate with Fine Silks . Go up to the engraved statue then check the chest for Fine Silks. Head south to find two more engraved statues and a Blood Lotus.

Once the area is looted cross the bridge at the north end for a scene. Follow the path up to the top where another Charred Sylvan is. Go south to a scholar who holds a Strange Stone and Battered Journal for Codex 331: A Scholar’s Journal . Grab the Elfroot and check the granite deposit. Go north to the Blood Lotus and loop around to find Darkspawn. Grab the Rashvine behind the engraved statue then check the chest. Head down to find another two chests then proceed south towards the statues. Grab the Deathroot and speak with the Statue of War and agree to help him to gain the quest “ Brothers of Stone “.

There are a ton of herbs in the woods to collect.

Speak with the statue of peace to gain incite on his brother. If you slay the Ancient Magister and talk to the statue of war then you are rewarded with The Winter Blade . If you instead choose to calm the Statue of War and speak to the Statue of Peace you will gain the ability to make Potent Stamina Draught, Master Stamina Draught, and Greater Spirit Balm (though you appear to receive nothing, check your Herbalism to find them there). South from here are two Ancient Sylvans, slay them and loot the Ancient Sylvanwood . Head down to the missing stone and place it then follow the instructions to complete the puzzle.

Loot the mystic chest for Illumination as your prize. Further south is a corpse with a Bronze Sextant on it and a Deathroot nearby. Speak with Ines here and offer to help her for a quest update. As you head west you will encounter The Old One that drops Heartwood , an item that begins the quest “ Heart of the Forest “. Head over to the Madcap and engraved statue then proceed north up the western wall. You will encounter some Shrieks along the way but kill them and make it back to the top. Go north where you went to the Darkspawn camp, you should find the Northern Prickleweed there. Grab it and return to Ines and she gives you recipes for Superb Health Poultice and Superb Lyrium Potion.

Return to the top area where you fought the Sylvan. Head west to more Sylvan then hook around the corner to Rashvine, Deathroot and an engraved statue. Go west to more Rashvine and another engraved statue. Loot the nearby charred corpse and move slightly south of the Corpse Pile to find an Ancient Sylvan. Loot the Ancient Sylvanwood and go further south to a Blood Lotus . You become surrounded by Blight Wolves, but they are easily dispatched. There is an empty chest nearby, go west from it and destroy your foes. Loot the darkspawn corpse then head back southeast towards a Militia survivor.

After you learn some vital information the Darkspawn sneak up on you. The Emissary drops an Elven Trinket . Grab it and then the Madcap below. Defeat the spiders that drop in then check the darkspawn corpse and cocoon for ash. Now, return to the top of the hill. On your way back go just north of the Makeshift Lean-To and kill the Ancient Sylvan for another Ancient Sylvanwood then go east of there to find the last one.

You can find more information out by finding the Battered Journal. The Elven Prayer of the Dead is a gift.

The lady continues to be belligerent. Defeat the Sylvan and wolves then go after her. From the top path take the small path west to a Madcap and chest. Go south to the Fereldan Sword to catch the lady. Convince her that the Darkspawn played the Elves against the Humans and show her the trinket. She will ask to come with you; let her if you want. Approach the Elven Corpse to start dialogue with Justice. The nearby crate has an Elven Prayer for the Dead. Grab the Blood Lotus then the contents of the wooden crate and chest. Head north and defeat the Darkspawn then enter the Silverite Mine.

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