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Wynne, the wise, sensible, insanely discerning healer. She is invaluable in your quest unless you yourself can heal.

Class : Mage

Specialization : Spirit Healer

Unlock : Side with the mages and complete the Broken Circle quest

Wynne volunteers to go to Ostagar and is one of the few survivors. She seems to always choose the morally correct path and offers a lot of insight. Wynne is hands down a healer and starts with many points in the Creation school.


Wynne will turn on you if you destroy the ashes during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest and if she isn’t in the party then she will call you out in camp and leave. If you decide to kill all the mages in the tower Wynne will attack you. Becoming a Blood Mage also causes Wynne to fight you.

Personal Quest

Speak with her at camp at any time and she will talk about how she needs some rest. Leave and enter camp later, ask her if she is feeling alright today. The next random encounter should be against a Darkspawn Leader. Upon winning the battle and heading out, Wynne will collapse and says she will explain things at camp. When you enter camp she will immediately confront you about the problem. This will trigger another random encounter where everyone gets badly injured. Wynne will use Vessel of the Spirit to heal everyone.

Defeat the Hurlock Omega and the other Darkspawn. Speak with Wynne at camp once more, this time asking about the Circle. She should mention something of an Aneirin, her apprentice. This will get you the quest “ Wynne’s Regret “, so head to the Brecilian Forest with Wynne in your party. You will find Aneirin in the East Brecilian Forest just north of the Mad Hermit Clearing. After some dialogue you will gain Aneirin;s Token , an amulet that increases Wynne’s Vessel of the Spirit ability, and the quest will end.


  • Wynne gains a special ability through her personal quest
  • She always makes the admirable choice, so being evil and keeping her on your good side won’t happen too often


Wynne enjoys reading, she is a scholar after all. All-in-all, Wynne just loves collecting books, scrolls, and things relative to history.

Gift Location
Discovering Dragon’s Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces Ruined Temple
Fancy Scroll Lower Elven Ruins
Tattered Notebook Random chance Dog will fetch it
The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History Castle Redcliffe
The Rose of Orlais Circle Tower; Second Floor
The Search for the True Prophet Orzammar; Shaperate
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