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Item List Items Cont
A Volume of Shaper History Love Letter
Carta Key Malachite Trinket
Emerald Costume Ring Proving Receipt
Fluorspar Trinket Pushback Strikers
Garnet Trinket Red Steel Letter Opener
Jail Key Silver Costume Ring
Iron Letter Opener Smuggled Lyrium
Longrunner’s Cap Steel Letter Opener
134 The Casteless
308 Jammer’s Stash

Head to Dust Town which can be accessed at the east side of the commons. As you enter, some Dust Town Thugs and their leader should attack you. The rubble gives Codex 134: The Casteless , then bargain with Rogek for 40g on the Lyrium he is selling and acquire the quest “ Precious Metals “. You can sell this to Godwin at the Circle of Magi, but first let’s continue here. You can speak with Alimar in his emporium and pay him to find out about Jarvia. Do not go back on your word or you won’t be able to trade with him.


Item Price
Freezing Coating Recipe 6g 21s 59c
Adder’s Kiss Recipe 5g 26s 40c
Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 5g 26s 40c
Choking Powder Trap Plans 5g 26s 40c
Freeze Trap Plans 1g 79s 20c
Freeze Bomb Recipe 1g 30s 20c
Crow Poison Recipe 1g 05s 00c
Mild Choking Gas Trap Plans 0g 96s 60c
Mild Sleeping Gas Trap Plans 0g 96s 60c
Concentrated Venom Recipe 0g 96s 60c
Backhands 3g 85s 00c
Effort’s Boots 8g 68s 00c
Senior Enchanter’s Robes 4g 20s 00c
Kaddis of the Trickster 3g 29s 49c
Remarkable Amethyst 2g 24s 00c

Persuade Rogek for the quest. You can find the thugs with the token for the hideout through this door after speaking to the right people.

Around the corner is an Assembly Directive ; it should be the last update to the codex and give you the quest “ Key to the City “. Speak to Shady Corebit who says he already passed the tome he stole from the Shaperate along then kill him when he attacks you. Loot him to update the quest then speak with Zerlinda. Tell her about the Chantry and she will ask you to talk with Brother Burkel about it. Talk to Nadezda to find out more information about Jarvia’s hideout. Enter the Slum’s House at the end of the alley.

Carta Hideout

The thugs inside will attack you; beat the Thug Leader into submission to begin negotiations. Persuade or Intimidate him to simply receive the Finger Bone Token , or you can just kill him and loot it off his dead body. The other room has two chests and you can then leave the house and turn right going through the Suspicious Door. Head through the door and take out the Doorman and his lackeys.

In the next area head right and take out the Carta that attack you. Loot the wooden crate and chest then check Jammer’s Journal to get Codex 308: Jammer’s Stash and the quest “ Jammer’s Stash “. The room across the hall has a chest and wooden crate. Go south again and take the right room which has two chests and a wooden crate then head across the hall. Defeat the enemies and loot the chest. From Kanky’s Common Box take ONLY the Silver Costume Ring.

You can get the Finger Bone Token without having to fight if you want. When you find Kanky’s Common Box, take only the Silver Ring.

Leave and go all the way into the southern room; in it is a chest, armor stand, and weapon stand. Leave the room and go right then continue into the cave-like area and disarm the trap as you go. Loot the two barrels and continue north, then at the fork go left. Loot the Jailor for his key and then open Leske’s cell. Take the other way at the split this time and some Carta Assassins will strike. Loot the three barrels on the other side of the room and continue west to find two more.

Three more barrels and a crate, take ONLY the Iron Letter Opener from Jammer’s Common Stash . Continue north dispatching more Carta. Loot the four barrels and take ONLY the Garnet Trinket from Pique’s Common Box . Head through the door, go left, kill the Carta and loot the wooden crate and crate on the left side. The north area has a wooden crate and the east is another wooden crate and Jammer’s Stash Box ; it holds a Longrunner’s Cap and some gold.

Return to the previous room and go south. Approach the chest and some Giant Spiders ambush you. Back to the last room and go right this time. Here you meet Jarvia who wants nothing more than to kill you. Sleep/stun the Archers and deal with the melee first. That should make the battle a little easier. Jarvia has some good loot, most importantly of which is the Carta Key . Loot the chest and weapon rack at the back and enter the southern room. Loot these two chests for a Love Letter(11) then use the key on the southern door to reach the Carta Shop.

Get the Jail Key off the guard to unlock the cell. Take only the Iron Letter Opener in Jammer’s Stash.

Leave the shop and go to the Chantry and tell Brother Burkel about Zerlinda. Return to Dust Town and kill the Jarvia Supporters, then tell Zerlinda that Brother Burkel will take her in. Head to the Proving and go north. Kill Fixer Gredin and take A Volume of Shaper History. Return to the Shaperate and turn in “Thief in the House of Learning” then go back to your respective candidate. You should gain the quests “ Anvil of the Void “ and “ A Paragon of Her Kind “. Now make your way towards the Deep Roads. Oghren will join the party on the basis that he is Branka’s husband. You can now go to Caridin’s Cross.

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